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Episode 7-Secret of the Lair
'Adventure 14-S2 Odian-Shard of the Dark Side
Part One-Escaping Varonat
Quickly, O'dian checked with the rest of their party and found out that everyone had safely made it to their separate ships. They agreed to split up in order to help throw off their pursuers. Immediately after the communication he was swarmed by TIE fighters intent on bringing him down.
O'dian battled the TIEs but they had the superior number and the Nexu's Fang took massive hits. His sensors picked up an approaching Star Destroyer but it's path didn't intersect with his own so he pushed on. Drawing on the Force he was able to push TIEs into each other and that provided him the room needed to keep one step ahead of the pursuers.
As the battle in the air continued, O'dian overheard Dallen, tied up behind him, groaning and he mumbled the word "Clak'dor" and then went silent. At the same time a new ship entered the fray but did not fire on his ship. Finally, O'dian was able to take out last two ships but the unknown ship still followed.
All of a sudden O'dian's mind was attacked but he was able to maintain control of the ship. Not wanting to lead anyone to Dagobah and reveal Yoda's location, and not being able to get a response from his hail, O'dian decided to ditch the ship chasing him and set a course for Clak'dor VII.\
Part Two-Revelations of the Shard
Arriving at the Bith home world, O'dain felt the pull of the Dark Side to a location outside one of the smaller domed cities but headed to an abandoned domed city instead. After landing he set up a makeshift brig to hold Dallen and then began building his own lightsaber.
An entire day passed as O'dian meditated and worked and in the end he had personally built a lightsaber.
Checking on Dallen, O'dian found his former friend confused as to why he was in binders and in a holding cell. It was apparent that he did not recall the events of the past seven months and after carefully questioning O'dian decided to let him out of the brig. He related to the Dark Jedi what had taken place and asked Dallen what he could recall.
Dallen concentrated and the last thing he remembered was going to Clak'dor VII, without his master, but with three young female padawans and a group of Clonetroopers. The Republic had received information of a possible Separatist force that might be hiding on the planet and they were sent to explore it. They did not find any droids but had found an underground entrance to a temple and entered it. He recalls exploring the tunnels but and the next thing he recalled was waking up in O'dian's fighter.
After being told about what he had done during his black out, Dallen is overcome with emotion but quickly regains his composure. He states that he is set on correcting the damage he has caused and asked O'dian for his help in doing so. At that time O'dian sees a ruby red crystal on the end pendant hanging from Dallen's neck. When Dallen reached up and touched the stone there was a flash of ruby colored light and he is knocked out.
O'dian quickly revived him and realizes that whatever is responsible with Dallen's takeover the past several months is tied to the crystal and Dallen's visit to the underground temple several months previous. The Jedi decided that their first course of action is to find out what is in the underground temple. Dallen agrees but suggested that once that is solved they need to find the two remaining padawans that had been corrupted by the crystal as well and return them to the Light Side of the Force. After that is completed they plan on trying to find out what became of Dallen's Jedi master on Tanaab.
Not fully trusting his former fellow padawan, O'dian slipped away and checked with his holocron about the shard. The image of Bastila Shan appeared and told the Jedi about an ancient Sith named Zee'thal who lived during the first Sith War and was buried on Clak'dor. Like most other Sith, he created a Sith artifact that was a gauntlet with a ruby crystal that he used to control people. However the crystal was shattered into five shards and the gauntlet disappeared.
Taking that knowledge, O'dian rejoined Dallen and the two made preparations to research the crystal shard further.
Part Three-Entering the Tomb of Zee'thal
The two traveled to the source of the pull of the Dark Side and saw the entrance to an underground tomb that is marked by four large statues of what appearred to be either ancient Sith or Jedi. As they approached the entrance they are spotted by a cloaked Bith waiting outside. He tells them that he is a curator and that the site is off limits.
As O'dian questions him, the Bith's story doesn't hold up so the Jedi tries to dismiss him by using a Jedi Mind Trick. The Bith's expression showed a conflict of emotion and he began to walk away only to return after a few steps. O'dian decided then that the best way to handle the untrustworthy Bith was to bribe him off with a 1000 credits, which the Bith took and then left the area.
Using the Force O'dian and Dallen lifted the massive door leading into the temple. They were not far into the old structure when they spotted an Imperial Probe droid. As they prepared to fight it, they spotted two more Probe droids and saw several Shadow Troopers move towards their position.
As the fight is engaged, an Imperial Interrorgator droid flew out and stabbed O'dian in the arm. The Probe Droids closed in as Dallen quickly moved to engage the closest Shadow Tropper and O'dian attacked the closest Probe Droid. Dallen was then stabbed by the Interrorgator Droid and the effects from his preivous stab began to affect O'dian as his reactions and strength quickly dwindled.
Realizing that they were doomed if they continued to fight while drugged, Dallen stopped fighting to focus on destroying the toxin within, and seeing this, O'dian followed suit. With the toxin purged, the two Jedi began to focus again on the fight at hand.
O'dian quickly dispatched the Interrorgator Droid to avoid getting poisoned again as Dallen took out the first Shadow Trooper. Surrounded by Probe Droids, O'dian used the Force to slam one droid into the other, realizing too late that once the droids stopped functioning that they exploded. Rolling to avoid the major impact of the blast, O'dian quickly moved to avoid the blaster fire by the Shadow Troopers.
Dallen then Force pushed a Probe Droid in the direction of another Shadow Trooper as O'dian dispatched two Shadow Troopers with one hit. With the numbers more in their favor, the two Jedi found themselves fighting much more in sync, like they used to as padawans. With the last of the Imperial forces that ambushed them lying dead or metal pieces the two found themselves alone in the entry chamber of the massive Tomb of the Sith Lord Zee'thal........

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