by tempesteye, Sep 22,2009
(This page is a copy of a page found in the main Wiki. I am placing it here for easy reference)
[[Getting Started]]

Creating & Linking to Pages

There are three ways to create pages on this Wiki:

  1. Search for a page. You will be prompted to create the page if it does not exist.
  2. Create a link using double brackets. This becomes a link to a page with the title of the text within the brackets. If that page does not exist, you can create the page by clicking on the link and editing the new page.
  3. Use the "Create Page" link in the top navigation. You will be prompted to select a namespace and name the page.

Important notes:

  • Page name restrictions - Do not put colons, quotes, or special characters in your page names. This can cause problems when you attempt to link to them. Colons are interpreted as namespaces and cause an error.

  • The page will be titled exactly what you typed, and the title cannot be edited once the page is created.

  • Searching for a page is the best way to make sure that you are not duplicating content for a similarly named page. In the site-wide Wiki, it may be better to contribute to an existing page on a topic rather than creating a new, similarly named page for the same topic.

Linking to pages:

The parser for this Wiki supports most MediaWiki standards. To see the text for link formats, visit


The examples below use round brackets ( in place of square brackets [ for the purpose of providing examples, but the square brackets [ are the correct code to use.

Linking with Double Brackets:

Using two square brackets surrounding text will create a link to the URL within the brackets or to an internal wiki page that matches that text exactly. It will display exactly what is within the brackets.
  • Example with no spaces (replace circle bracket ( with square Brackets [ ):
((Pagename)) will display as Pagename and will link to an internal wiki page called Pagename.
This will also work if the pagename has spaces:
  • Example with spaces: ((Page Name)) will display as Page Name and will link to an internal wiki page named Page Name.

Linking with single brackets

Using only a single square bracket surrounding text will also create a link. This is primarily used for external links. It can be used for internal links, but be aware of page names with spaces. Caution: With single bracket linking, spaces are interpreted as a divider, with everything before the space interpreted as the link, and everything after the space interpreted as the display text. This will result in problems if internal wiki page names contain spaces.
Examples (again, replace circle bracket ( with square Brackets [ ):
(Pagename DisplayName) will display as "Displayname", but link to the internal wiki page named Pagename.
However, if the internal wiki page is named Page Name and you attempt to code it like this:
(Page Name DisplayName), you will display "Name DisplayNane" and link to an internal wiki page called Page... which likely isn't what you want.
Note: Colons (:) within links are used as a divider for the main namespaces, e.g. dnd:iomandra or help:faqs. Colons used in links for any other purpose will result in an improper link format.