by Flying_Carpet, Jan 13,2011

Card Name Dates Event Description Collection Number

Armadillo Cloak (alt art)07/2009Specialty Format Weekend Challenge Participation (foil Top 8)117/205
Boggart Ram-Gang 02/2009STD, SHM/EVE & ALA Daily's Participation (foil top-8)73/205
Brainstorm 03/2009EXT, Classic, ME2, TMP Daily's Participation (foil top-8)113/205
Cabal Therapy 08/2009MOPR Tier 6 card (foil Tier 7)114/205
Cenn's Tactician 06/2009STD, ALA/CON, SHM/EVE, LRW/MOR Daily's Participation (foil top-8)158/205
Circle of Protection: Red 01/2009EXT & Classic Daily's Daily's Participation (foil top-8)115/205
Coiling Oracle 09/2009Specialty Format Weekend Challenge Participation (foil top-8)54/205
Condemn 02/2009ALA Block Con & 10E DE's Participation (foil top-8)87/205
Counterspell (FNM 2005) 11/2009Daily Events (various sealed & constructed) (foil winning records)176/205
Creeping Mold 06/2009ALA Block Con/10E Daily Events participants (foil top-8)160
Cryptic Command 05/2009MOCS Season 1 Championship participants (foil top-32)84/205
Damnation 07/2009MOPR Tier 8 (foil Tier 9)98/205
Decree of Justice 08/2009MOPR Tier 8 (foil Tier 9)000
Diabolic Edict 06/2009Extended/Classic/TE-ST/MVW Daily Events participants (foil top-8)000
Dirtcowl Wurm 04/2009Stronghold Release Draft Pack component (foil: three Stronghold Preconstructed deck contest winners) Exodus Release Champ participants 000
Disenchant 04/2009Standard/ALA-CON/SHM-EVE/LRW-MOR Daily Events participants (foil top-8)000
Doran, the Siege Tower 08/2009MOCS Season 5 Championship participants (foil: all participants)000
Dragon Broodmother 05/2009Alara Reborn Pre-release participants (foil: 3-1 or better)000
Duress (FNM 2005) 12/2009MOPR Tier 4 (foil Tier 5)000
Electrolyze 06/2009Specialty Format Weekend Challenge participants (foil top-8)U
Elvish Champion (JSS APAC) 10/2009MOPR Tier 6 (foil Tier 7)R
Exalted Angel 07/2009MOCS Season 4 Championship participants (foil top-32)R
Fact or Fiction (FNM 2005) 11/2009MOPR Tier 6 (foil Tier 7)U
Figure of Destiny 05/2009MOCS Season 2 Championship participants (foil top-32)R
Fireball 01/2009Nix Tix Sealed Swiss Queue participantsC
Firebolt 04/2009ALA Block Con/10E Daily Events participants (foil top-8)C
Force Spike 04/2009Extended/Classic/TMP Daily Events participants (foil top-8)C
Forked Lightning 09/2009ME3 Release Promo, Purchase an ME3 Release Pack (foil: ME3 Championship participation promo)R
Gerrard's Verdict 05/2009Extended/Classic/TE-ST Daily Events participants (foil top-8)U
Giant Growth 08/2009Daily & Premier Event Participants (foil: 3-1 or better & top-8)C
Goblin Legionnaire (FNM 2007) 11/2009Specialty Format Weekend Challenge participants (foil top-8)C
Goblin Piledriver (alt art Judge Rewards) 10/2009MOPR Tier 8 (foil Tier 9)R
Grim Lavamancer 09/2009MOCS Season 6 Championship participants (foil top-32)R
Headless Horseman 11/2009Halloween Tricks for Treats promotionC
Impulse 05/2010 & 10/2010MVW Block Sealed Deck Tournaments000
Incinerate (foil only) 06/20097th Anniversary Celebration participantsC
Kird Ape 07/2009MOPR Tier 4 (foil Tier 5)CPsychatogJul-09MOPR Tier 6 (foil Tier 7)U
Knight of New Alara 05/2009Alara Reborn Release Sealed or Draft Pack component(foil: Top-8 Alara Reborn Release Championship)U
Krosan Tusker 12/2009Specialty Format Weekend Challenge participants (foil top-8)C
Krosan Warchief 07/2009Extended/Classic/TE-ST Daily Events participants (foil top-8)U

Lava Axe 07/2009ALA Block Con/10E Daily Events participants (foil top-8)C
Life/Death 08/2009IPA XIV participants (foil: 5-1 or better)U
Lightning Helix (foil only) 03/2009Gift with store purchaseC
Llanowar Elves 01/2009Standard Daily Events participants (foil top-8)C
Lobotomy 10/2009Daily Events (various sealed & constructed) Promo card. (foil: top-8/4-0/other winning records)U
Mana Leak 05/2009Standard/ALA-CON/SHM-EVE/LRW-MOR Daily Events participants (foil top-8)C
Mind Stone 03/2009ALA Block Con/10E Daily Events participants (foil top-8)U
Mishra's Factory 06/202010Masters Edition Sealed Deck Tournaments00
Mogg Fanatic 05/2009ALA Block/10E Daily Events participants (foil top-8)U
Monstrous Hound 12/2009Non-foil: Purchase of Exodus release pack.  Foil: Exodus Prerelease Events Exodus Release Championship participants  R
Mutavault 06/2009MOCS Season 6 Championship participants (foil top-32)R
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (full art, 2006 2-HG Champs) 12/2009MOPR Tier 8 (foil Tier 9)R
Obelisk of Alara 02/2009Conflux Release Draft Pack component (foil: Conflux Release Championship participants)R
Ravenous Baloth 09/2009MOPR Tier 6 card (foil Tier 7)RCunning WishSep-09MOPR Tier 8 card (foil Tier 9)R
Remand 09/2009MOPR Tier 4 card (foil Tier 5)U
Revenant 04/2009Stronghold Release Draft Pack component; Stronghold & Exodus Release Championship participants (foil top-32)R
Selkie Hedge-Mage 07/2009Standard/ALA-CON/SHM-EVE/LRW-MOR Daily Events participants (foil top-8)U
Shrapnel Blast 02/2009Extended/Classic/ME2/TE Daily Events participants (foil top-8)U
Silver Knight 08/2009MOPR Tier 4 card (foil Tier 5)U
Smother 09/2009Daily Events (various sealed & constructed) Promo card. (foil: top-8/4-0/other winning records)U
Sprouting Thrinax 01/2009ALA Block Con Daily Events participants (foil top-8); Jan-10 MOPR Tier 3U
Swords to Plowshares (FNM 2001) 12/2009MOPR Tier 6 (foil Tier 7)U
Tendrils of Agony (alt art 2008 FNM) 10/2009MOPR Tier 4 (foil Tier 5)U
Terminate (alt art, textless) 11/2009MOPR Tier 8 (foil Tier 9)C
Terror 03/2009Customer Appreciation Week participantsC
Thirst for Knowledge 08/2009Specialty Format Weekend Challenge participants (foil top-8)U
Tormod's Crypt (alt art) 10/2009Specialty Format Weekend Challenge participants (foil top-8)U
Treetop Village (FNM 2004) 11/2009MOPR Tier 4 (foil Tier 5)U
Vindicate 10/2009MOCS Season 7 Championship participants (foil top-32)R
Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers 03/2009Standard/ALA-CON/SHM-EVE/LRW-MOR Daily Events participants (foil top-8)U
Woolly Thoctar 07/2009MOPR Tier 3 cardU
Woolly Thoctar (foil only) 12/2008Holiday Event participantsU
Zuran Orb 12/2009Daily Events (various sealed & constructed) Promo card. (foil winning records)U