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This page is a copy/paste of a thread created long, long ago in a forum far, far away (actually, it's right Here). Later, while i wait for the queues to fill, I may edit this page for legibility and update with new info. Because this is a wiki (gasp!) *you* can edit it too! Without further ado ...

A Compleat History of MTGO

With the new boards, we have lost a good bit of our history, and if you try and pull up articles from the old MTGO website, they are no longer available. There are probably a pretty significant number of people reading this who didn't know such a thing ever existed. So for the edification of those who are late to the party and a trip down memory lane for the old timers, I've compiled a list of links of major events in the history of MTGO. Please feel free to chime in with additional items you think should be linked in.

Before We Were Live

Summer 1999, Leaping Lizards pitches the idea of MTGO (reference)
Alpha testing 4/2001 – this date is pulled from the previous article but the linked article would imply more of an August date (reference)
Beta First Wave 11/16/2001 – This date is from the previous article Open Beta 12/2001 – This date is from the previous article, but if anyone has any additional information on any of these dates, please feel free to share it
Press Release for first MTGO release 1/12/2002 (reference)
Pricing structure concerns answered by Wizards 1/20/2002 (reference)
Magic Online Website created 6/21/2002 (reference)

In the Beginning

Live 6/24/2002 (reference)
Judgment released online 8/1/2002 (reference)
Onslaught released online 11/1/2002 (reference)
Prismatic format (originally Casual Format 2) added online 1/14/2003 (reference)
Invitational held online, Online tournament changes 2/28/2003 (reference), (reference)
Legions released online 3/5/2003 (reference)
Load testing tournament crash 3/22/2003 (reference) and (reference) – a tournament with 2500 players was tested and crashed the servers
MTGO Worlds Qualifier 4/25/2003 (reference)
Goodbye to Leaping Lizards 5/16/2003 (reference)
Scourge released online 6/23/2003 (reference)
Tenth anniversary celebration tie for MTGO, the Royal Assassin avatar 7/11/2003 (reference)
1800 Room and other 2.0 Features planned 7/22/2003 (reference)

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 and 8th Edition release, 7th Edition sales end 7/28/2003 (reference), (reference)
Continuing Coverage Of Version 2.0 7/30/2003 (reference)
Why We Haven't Reverted 8/8/2003 (reference)
Chuck Huebner, President and CEO of Wizards comments on 2.0 8/12/2003 (reference)
Return to beta 8/19/2003 (reference)
Announcement of Version 2.0 failure 10/01/2003 (reference)
Invasion Block sales end 10/15/2003 (reference)
Chuck Virtual Party 10/25/2003 (reference)
CVP Follow up from Linda Cox, Brand Manager 10/27/2003 (reference)

Anticipation of 3.0 begins

Announcement of need for overhaul (3.0) 10/29/2003 (reference)
MTGO starts charging VAT 11/13/2003 (reference)
Mirrodin released after 1 week delay 11/24/2003 (reference)
Dan Myers as communication manager for MTGO 2/10/2004 (reference)
Dan Myers official 3.0 announcement 2/17/2004 (reference)
Price change 2/19/2004 (boosters $3.69, tournament packs $11.29) (reference)
Darksteel release events lead to reverting to beta servers 3/4/2004 (reference)

JZ’s reign begins

Justin Ziran takes over as Brand Manager of MTGO 5/11/2004 (reference)
Online Q&A session – discussion of version 3.0, requested features and other topics 6/7/2004 (reference)
PE's return 6/7/2004 (reference)
Odyssey Block sales end 6/11/2004 (reference)
Fifth Dawn released online 7/12/2004 (reference)
1700 room removed, 8/4 queue returns 8/10/2004 (reference)
Classic Format and Anything Goes room added 8/27/2004 (reference)
Onslaught block sales end 9/16/2004 (reference)
Champions of Kamigawa released online 10/25/2004 (reference)
Vanguard announcement 12/16/2004 (reference)
Betrayers of Kamigawa released online 2/28/2005 (reference)
IPA Block Sealed Tournament Qualifiers 3/22/2005 (reference)
Vanguard release events 5/5/2005 (reference)
OTJ Block Sealed Tournament Qualifiers 6/9/2005 (reference)

Older sets get added

Mirage Online Release announced 6/20/2005 (reference)
Saviors of Kamigawa released online 6/27/2005 (reference)
Ninth edition released online, Eighth edition sales end 8/29/2005 (reference), (reference)
Mirrodin block sales end 10/27/2005 (reference)
Ravnica released online 10/31/2005 (reference)
Mirage released online 12/5/2005 (reference)
Guildpact released online 2/27/2006 (reference)
Visions released online 4/10/2006 (reference)
MTGO III Release Date given 5/25/2006 (reference)
Dissension released online 5/30/2006 (reference)
First Momir BASIC tournament 6/11/2006 (reference)
Coldsnap released online 8/14/2006 (reference)
Interview at PAX updating release dates 8/26/2006 (reference)
Price change 10/6/2006 (boosters $3.99, tournament packs $12.29) (reference)
Version III release date pushed back again 9/13/2006 (reference)
Time Spiral released online, Kamigawa block sales end 10/30/2006 (reference), (reference)
MTGO 3 update 1/10/2007 (reference)
Randy Buehler becomes the VP of digital gaming 1/26/2007 (reference)
Hasbro Press release mentioning MTGO III release in Q2 2007 2/9/2007 (reference)
Planar Chaos released online 2/26/2007 (reference)
The Magic Online III Launch Info Blog is started 3/19/2007 (reference)
First mention of the current version being 2.5 3/22/2007 (reference)
MTGO III moves to large publicly available beta 3/28/2007 (reference)

Optimus Worth takes the reins

Worth Wolpert becomes the new Brand Manager for Magic Online 4/5/2007 (reference)
Mike Lescault (GamerZero) is hired as Community Liason 4/18/2007 (reference)
Future Sight released online 5/29/2007 (reference)
Masters Edition announced 7/20/2007 (reference)
X Edition goes on sale, 9th edition no longer on sale 8/6/2007 (reference) (reference)
Masters Edition released 9/10/2007 (reference)
Lorwyn released 10/29/2007 (reference)
Weatherlight released 12/12/2007 (reference)
Countdown to MOL III started - set at 38 days to go 12/20/2007 (reference)
Solice becomes the new Community Liason 3/4/2008 (reference)
Version 2.5 goes dark in preparation of the release of 3.0 4/9/2008 (reference)
Version 3.0 first released 4/16/2008 (reference)
Shadowmoor released 6/9/2008 (reference)
Eventide released 8/11/2008 (reference)
Masters Edition 2 released 9/22/2008 (reference)
Shards of Alara released 10/20/2008 (reference)
Pauper added as an offical online format DCI rules 12/1/2008 (reference)
Pauper Released Online 12/3/2008 (reference)
Tempest released, 321 Swiss draft format added 12/8/2008 (reference)