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Felzoun’s Folly Tavern is on River’s Square in Trade Ward. The staff is a mix of humans and dwarves. Patrons are a mix of merchants and shoppers with a smattering of mercenaries. The food and drink here is of good quality and modest prices. The tavern is maintained in good condition and cleaned thoroughly each morning. Hangout for information brokers.
The Thirsty Sailor is on the corner of Fish and Ship Streets in Dock Ward. This decrepit old dive has boarded-up windows and careless repairs. The interior is smoky and the repulsive odor of tar, stale beer, sour wine, sweat, and worse fills the air. The patrons divide their time here by drinking, singing bawdy songs (off key) and brawling. No female staff or patrons grace the Thirsty Sailor, not even female sailors or dockworkers.
The Thirsty Throat is found on the corner of Candle Lane and **** Street of Dock Ward. The tavern is crowded and dimly lit. The tables and chairs are bolted down. A dive where fights can easily break out.
The Blue Mermaid located on Ship Street between Keel and Oar alleys in Dock Ward. The Blue Mermaid tavern is a respectable establishment with decent food at a good (cheap) price whose clientele is normally sailors and dockworkers looking for a quiet place to eat. All female staff provides quick service and plain, tasty, food (mainly fish). They take no gruff from the customers (female orc Bouncer) and overall this seems a haven of peace in the middle of Dock Ward. Stevian Twincastle (human tavern manager) The simple two-story wood building is a block from the harbor.
The Dancing Mermaid in Dock Ward. This tavern is larger and one of the nicer taverns in Dock Ward. It tends to host large parties and often rents its space for festivals, celebrations and banquets, private or public.
Knotted Rope Tavern in Dock Ward.
The Singing Sword in Castle Ward.
Cookhouse Hall in Dock Ward
Full Sails Tavern in Dock Ward


Daggers Rest, located in Trade Ward, this old inn stands on the east side of High Road. The walls of the inn are fieldstone at street level and timber for three upper floors. A narrow alley on the south side leads to a stable behind the inn, which can also be reached from Spindle Street. A taproom, dark and comfortable, lies beyond the front door of the inn. Drink, meal, private meeting room or guest rooms may be had for a modest price. The Daggers Rest was once known as the Inn of the Dripping Dagger. The owner of the inn, a former female adventurer named Tessele Swiftwater, employs an extensive staff of waitresses, kitchen staff, chambermaids, hostlers and a minotaur bouncer named Thoat. The food is tasty and plentiful. Choices are roast ox, venison, mutton, goat, smoked ham, spicy pork, rabbit stew, fried chicken, pan-fried lout (a local small brown fish), baked shalass (a local trout like fish, long and tasty), sausage, crab soup, cheese, bread, and beans. Alcoholic drinks include ale, stout, mead, zzar, Moonshae almond brandy, whiskey, and Elverquisst (the exotic drink of many elves). A famed Waterdeep wine, Zzar, is fiery orange with a distinctive almond scent. They do have rooms available, most of the rooms have two beds, and the prices are affordable.
The Gentle Rest is an old, large, comfortable inn on High Road, where it bends to meet Waterdeep Way. The inn has five floors and a stable located on an alley behind the inn. The current proprietor is Marlak Buckman, a jovial, stout, middle-aged man of average height.


The Drunken Bard Theater and Night Club in South Ward uses both local and traveling entertainers. Originally a warehouse, the main floor includes three different entertainment halls, a spacious entry hall, a cloak room, a series of privies and a kitchen. A veritable warren of access corridors allows waiters and entertainers to move between the rooms unobserved by customers. The second floor offers private rooms for dinner and entertainment accessible by Club members or for a one time fee.
The Gentle Mermaid is a gambling hall located in North Ward.