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by Keith53, Feb 9,2010
Waterdeep's quietest ward is also one of its wealthiest. North Ward is home to most of the middle class and lesser noble families. This ward has few notable landmarks other than the Cliffwatech, and it all but shuts down at dusk. This placid reputation belies the intrigues and scheming that goes on behind closed door, and the volumes of smuggled goods that lie in cellars beneat the city streets.
[[Image:|North Ward]]


This sheer 100-foot cliff presents a beautiful view of the countryside east and south of Waterdeep, and it provides a valuable defense against invading orcs and trolls. Guards in Endcliff Tower and the Watchway Tower carefully wate the cliff's edge, which is unobstructed by walls or rails.

The Grinning Lion

Tucked away inside a block of homes and businesses, this place, adorned with (faked) battle trophies from all over Faerun, is a sraucous as taverns ger in North Ward. An old joke claims the Riven Shield Shop sends all shields beyond repair to hand on the walls there.
The music is loud, with male and female dancers in fantastically styled and revealing mock armor swaying and pirouetting amond the tables. Real, if broken, weapons hang on the walls everywhere, so bouncers swiftly discourage and disputes. Folk come here to drink zzar and wine and eat fried onions and eels.