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by gomeztoo, May 13,2010
Mai-Win is a Shou woman, with grey eyes and long black hair that is often tied up with one long tail running down her back. She has very long finger nails, painted and decorated, and wears jeweled rings on each finger.
She is cold and calculating, as well as a shrewd observer who has an amazing insight into people.'

The following information can be gained with a successful Streetwise check:
DC 21: The Chiang clan’s head quarters in Nathlekh are headed by Mai-Win Chiang.
DC 23: Mai-Win is Ha-Teh Chiang’s second daughter. Her sisters are Yuin, Mai-Ana (her twin, born minutes later) and Lin-Woh.
Yuin runs the trade in the eastern Sea of Fallen Stars (mostly in Cormyr), Mai-Ana runs trade in the western region (mostly in Akanul). Lin-Who runs trade in the Dragon Reach.

See: [[Chiang Emporium]], [[Nathlekh]]