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Here is a list of all groups related to the Living Forgotten Realms campaign.

Official Groups

These are the official pages for information on various topics for Living Forgotten Realms.


Living Forgotten Realms - The main group that serves as the hub for LFR news and activity.
Living Forgotten Realms Embers of Dawn Mini-Campaign - A group for news and discussion of all things related to the new "Embers of Dawn" mini-campaign, set in Returned Abeir for characters levels 1-4.
Living Forgotten Realms Writers - An invite-only group for writers in the LFR campaign. If you are working or will be working on a project, you can be added to the group. Only confirmed writers will be accepted.


These are groups for each of the administrated regions in LFR. Though each region is administered by a team in a corresponding real-world region, players may make a PC from any region.
Akanul - Populated by Genasi, Akanul was transposed from Toril's sister-world of Abeir, bringing with it many wonders. The LFR Canadian region.
Aglarond - A land of humans and fey forests, the regions is surrounded by threats such as the Abolethic Sovereignty. The LFR Southeast US region.
Baldur's Gate - A city teeming with refugees, merchants, and intrigue. Run by several Grand Dukes and home to the Flaming Fist mercenary company. The LFR Latin American region.
Cormyr - The "Forest Kingdom", a powerful nation home to many nobility, the Purple Dragons, and the War Wizards. The LFR Northeast US region.
The Dalelands - Twelve delves live amidst the forest. Several have fallen to Sembian and Netherese hands. The LFR Northern European region.
Dragon Coast - Danger abounds along the docks of the port city of Westgate. Home to the Fire Knives thieves' guild. The LFR Asia Pacific region.
East Rift - Known for its great rift and the constant threat from the horrors of the Underdark. The LFR Pacific US region.
Impiltur - A nation in need of heroes, the sea's retreat has spun the cities of Impiltur into economic chaos and corruption. The LFR region of Southern Europe and Turkey.
Luruar - A haven of peace and culture surrounded by howling wilderness studded with lost ruins, hidden temples, and the lairs of foul, vicious creatures. The LFR region of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa.
Moonshae Isles - Shrouded in cool foggy weather, these isles hold many magical wonders and vile threats. The LFR Western US states region.
Tymanther - Dragonborn dominate this region where portions of Abeir were transferred during the Spellplague. The LFR Southwestern US region.
Waterdeep - An immense city teeming with all that the Realms has to offer. Undermountain lies below. The LFR north-central US region.
The Forgotten Realms Wiki LFR Portal has additional information on each region.

LFR Pages


The list of Living Forgotten Realms adventures available for Herald-level RPGA Judges.

Rewards Cards

A page pertaining to the rewards cards released to-date that are usable in the LFR campaign.

Legal Options

A page listing all current legal player options available.


A page listing the administrators of the campaign.