by mmockus, Nov 29,2011
The Lion’s Den
A wise merchant protects both his product and his clientele. Without both, neither is of use to him.
The Lion's Den, the merchant’s guild in Elturgard, seeks to bring prosperity to the region. They desire free trade and freedom of choice. Many flourish on the bounty of the trade roads traversing Elturgard. Along with merchants, the membership supports a stable of adventurers to deal with local problems, threats to its membership, trade routes or general interests. Adventurers of 'The Den' are mostly well-meaning adventurers – though some prefer to call them mercenaries.
While the guild has the means to bring prosperity to the region, some feel that only money motivates the guild. During the war, the guild master himself fell victim to corruption. However, the guild assures others that this is a thing of the past and that they keep tabs on all their members.
People of many different faiths in Elturgard support the Lion's Den. Most of these are goodaligned faiths, including the faiths of Sune, Tymora, and of course Waukeen.




Though not particularly secretive, the organization identifies its members by a single silver coin specially minted with a lion emblazoned on one side. Members often have the counter face struck with something meaningful to them personally.


The Den recruits new members through recommendation to ensure new members hold the same ideals. PCs whose beliefs align with those of the Lion’s Den may freely join the organization. To join the Lion’s Den, a character must meet the following requirements:
  • Lawful Good, Good or Unaligned alignment. Though most members are good, the Lion’s Den allows members of any alignment.


Members are expected to uphold the ideals of the Den, sponsoring free trade and the general rights of the populace to thrive and earn an honest coin. They are not expected — but are highly encouraged — to perform small tasks for the Lion’s Den for which they will be fairly compensated.


  • Members gain the standard bonus action point benefit (see the general Meta-Organization Benefits section).
  • Members take care of their own. During any adventure set in Elturgard, a member may select and use a magic item (that he already possesses or that he comes across during the adventure) that is five levels higher than his level, instead of the normal four. The normal cap of four levels for using an item still applies to those adventures not set in Elturgard.
  • Members gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks with the citizenry of Elturgard.
  • Members gain a +2 bonus to any social skill check (Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight or Intimidate) specifically involving other members of the Lion’s Den (which does not stack with the bonus above).
  • Members gain a +2 bonus to Streetwise checks made in any adventure set in Elturgard to learn about trade or merchants, illicit or otherwise(DM's discretion).
  • Due to knowing where to go for beneficial trades and discounts, if a member would receive less than the maximum gold for an adventure set in Elturgard, the character gains a +10% bonus to the gold he receives (with the total not exceeding the maximum gold for the adventure).
  • Members gain access to the consumable clearpath mist (uncommon, Eberron’s Players Guide) and floating lantern (uncommon, Adventurer’s Vault).


Members are welcome to leave when they feel they no longer fit with the other members of the Lion’s Den. Once a member leaves they no longer receive any of the benefits of membership and may never rejoin barring express exception by the guild to rejoin (in the form of campaign documentation.)