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Harrowdale is one of the oldest dales. It lies east from Cormanthor, on the coast of the Dragon Reach. Only a few villages dot its landscape. New Velar - formerly known as Harrowdale - is the largest town and the dale's only port. Velarsburgh, to the north, is the only other town of significance. The largest woods in the dale - other than Cormanthor - is the Velarwood. It is mostly avoided - rumors suggest werecreatures prowl there, and some say the woods are haunted. Definitely haunted are the Cold Fields, south of New Velar. In these cold moors undead are frequently spotted - the remains of old war parties who clashed there ages ago. Other and greater monsters also roam these lands - rumors of creatures akin to purple worms circulate, as well as drow raiding parties, occasionally surfacing from treasure hunts in the fields' underdark.

New Velar

Locations in New Velar

  • Eruthen's Tower
  • The Fall of Stars
  • The Selkirk Trading House (former House of Mystra)

Notable People of New Velar

  • Yellira Am'benuinyl
  • Lin-Woh Chiang
  • Kira Nenthyn (Burgher of New Velar)
  • Dayan Nenthyn
  • Lucus Rivenstave (Burgher of New Velar)
  • Aron Selkirk
  • Harlen Treskeden (Burgher of New Velar)
  • Jonster Yate (Burgher of New Velar)
  • Arial Xiloscient (Ambassador of Myth Drannor)