by mmockus, Aug 25,2010

At a Glance

Elturgard is a theocracy ruled by those who are certain they walk the path of righteousness. The paladins of this land take pride in their moral clarity and pursuit of good.

Elturgard is dominated by a "second sun" that hovers eternally in the sky above the city of Elturel, making this a realm of endless daylight. Creatures of darkness cannot abide even the sight of the city.

Unlike most countries, Elturgard has a state religion: Torm is revered in the temples that dot the landscape.

Writing Directors

Living Forgotten Realms: Elturgard
Michael Mockus
Pierre van Rooden


Campaign Year 3 is the first year adventures are released for the Elturgard Story Area.

Campaign Year 3 - 2011

  • [[ELTU3-1|ELTU3-1]] by TBD
  • [[ELTU3-2|ELTU3-2]] by TBD
Available Q1 2011.
  • [[ELTU3-3|ELTU3-3]] by TBD
  • [[ELTU3-4|ELTU3-4]] by TBD
Available Q2 2011.
  • [[ELTU3-5|ELTU3-5]] by TBD
  • [[ELTU3-6|ELTU3-6]] by TBD
Available Q3 2011.
  • [[ELTU3-7|ELTU3-7]] by TBD
  • [[ELTU3-8|ELTU3-8]] by TBD
Available Q4 2011.