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Waterdeep's most notorious and colorful ward is also the oldest. Traveler's tales portray is as a lawless, brawling place of drunks, smugglers, roaming monsters, and fell magic, which is not all that far from the truth. The bustling harbor scene and its attendant activities dominate this ward.
[[Image:|Dock Ward]]

The Warrens

Beneath the heart of Dock Ward lies one of Waterdeep's lesser-known neighborhoods. Reachable through narrow winding tunnels leading off various dark alleys, the Warrens have been centuries in the making, starting with ancient stone houses built along hilly streets. From time to time a higher floor has been added to a building, or a walkway built to add living space or to connect houses, even those across a street from each other. Over time, parts of streets have been completely hidden from the sun, and the lowest floors of man buildings have become cellars. Subsequent rebuildings have shored up the lowest inhabited floors and worked from there. The slow result of Waterdeep's reach for the grander and larger and taller is the forgotten layer known as the Warrens, home to many of Waterdeep's small folk. Many gnomes, halflings, and even the occasional dwarves have found congenial and discreet housing amid the dark cellars and narrow tunnels, for stout halfling warriors guard most entrances, keeping the Warrens free of humans and their ilk.

The Keelhauled Dwarf

In the cavernous cellar beneath the warehouse known as the House of Tarmagus lies The Keelhauled Dwarf, a subterranean tavern favored by duergar and their ilk, as well as many of the city's half-orcs, thugs, and ruffians.

The Monster Pit

Beneath the Fishscale Smithy building and the neighboring Thirsty Sailor lies an abandoned gladiatorial arena once owned (indirectly) by Elaith Craulnober. Various Dock Ward gangs sometimes use the place for settling their differences.

The Old Xoblob Shop

This curiosity shop is filled with lots fo battle trophies and souvenirs from Undermountain. The shop is untidy and ill-organized but worth a look, if only to see the stuffed beholder for which the shop is named (hanging by the main counter). The proprietor, Dandalus Ruell, loves to tell the tale of his victory over Old Xoblob.

Thirsty Sailor

"Once your eyes get accustomed to the gloomy interior of this tavern, it becomes clear that the name of the tavern reflects who the patrons are. A boisterous mix of sailors and dock workers crowd around the tables, gripping tankards of ale and cups of beer."
The Thirsty Sailor is on the corner of Fish and Ship Streets. This decrepit old tavern has boarded-up windows and careless repairs. The interior is smoky and the repulsive odor of tar, stale beer, sour wine, sweat, and worse fills the air. The patrons divide their time here by drinking, singing bawdy songs (off-key) and brawling. No female staff or patrons grace the Thirsty Sailor, not even female sailors or dockworkers.

The Thirsty Throat

"The tavern is crowded and dimly lit. The tables and chairs are bolted down. In the front left hand side of the room, a small group is playing darts."
Found on the corner of Candle Lane and **** Street, this ramshackle assembly of wood amazes all by not fallen down.

Kovic’s Bazaar

"Stepping into the shop, a bizarre mix of goods greets you. Fine crystal vases can be found next to dented copper pots. The display shelves are so full that it is hard to see individual items."
The shop is located in a one-story building. The striped awning in front is showing signs of wear. A small, dirty glass pane in a barred window does not allow much of a view into the shop.