by peter_seckler, Sep 3,2009
This page lists the administrators for Living Forgotten Realms, and contact details for the Points of Contact.

Global Administrators

Greg Marks
Shawn Merwin (Western Hemisphere North)
M. Sean Molley (Western Hemisphere South)
Pieter Sleijpen (Eastern Hemisphere)

Regional Administrators

Aglarond (South-East USA)

Point of Contact:Mike Lee
Event Manager: Paige Leitman
Writing Director: Bill Baldwin

Akanûl (Canada)

Point of Contact:Chris Wachal
Event Manager: Dominic Amann
Writing Director: Stephen Baker

Baldur's Gate (Latin America and the Caribbean)

Point of Contact:Virgilio Giron
Event Manager: Carlos Lourenço
Writing Director: Otávio Gonçalves

Cormyr (North-East USA)

Point of Contact:Peter Seckler
Event Manager: Dave Guerrieri
Writing Director: Andrew G. Schneider

Dalelands (Northern Europe and Russia)

Point of Contact: Renout van Rijn
Event Manager: Matthias Schäfer
Writing Director: Pierre van Rooden

Dragon Coast (Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Asia)

Point of Contact: Bruce Paris
Event Manager: Joe Fitzgerald
Writing Director: Mark Sommers

East Rift (Pacific USA)

Point of Contact: Mike Rizzo
Event Manager: Josh Kaufman
Writing Director: Bill Benham

Impiltur (Southern Europe and Turkey)

Point of Contact: Axel Sabitzer
Event Manager: Karim Majeri
Writing Director: Donovan Hicks

Luruar (UK, Ireland, and South Africa)

Point of Contact: Paul James
Event Manager: Robert Wills
Writing Director: Jonathon M. Johnson

Moonshae Isles (Western USA)

Point of Contact: Michael Mockus
Event Manager: Leonard F. Logan
Writing Director: Jean-Philipe ‘JP’ Chapleau

Tymanther (South-West USA)

Point of Contact: Travis Wolcott
Event Manager: Konrad Brandemuhl
Writing Director: Jeff Hertel

Waterdeep (North Central USA)

Point of Contact: Ryan Page Kappler
Event Manager: Rick Brown
Writing Director: Claire Hoffman & Keith Hoffman

   * Nothern Europe/Russia – to be determined
   * Southern Europe/Turkey – Impiltur: Axel Sabitzer (
   * UK/Ireland/South Africa – Luruar: Paul James (
   * Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Asia – Dragon Coast: Bruce Paris (
   * Canada – Akanûl: Chris Wachal (
   * Latin America/Caribbean – Baldur’s Gate: Virgilio Giron (
   * Northeast US – Cormyr: Peter Seckler (
   * Southeast US – Aglarond: Mike Lee (
   * North Central US – Waterdeep: Ryan Page Kappler (
   * Southwest US – Tymanther: Travis Wolcott (
   * Western US – Moonshae Isles: Michael Mockus (
   * Pacific US – East Rift: Mike Rizzo (