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Government Of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep
One open lord, Dagult “Dagger” Neverember, and about twenty Masked Lords of secret identities rule Waterdeep. They meet usually once a tenday in secret conclave or open court. The Masked Lords all appear identical due to identical magical gray helms, silver masks, and gray robes that veil their appearance and voice. They all appear to be 6 feet tall with the same physique and their voices are deep, hollow baritones (even if the Lord is a lady). Speculation on the identity of the other lords is a sporting pastime in Waterdeep. It is thought that some, maybe most, are not of a noble house of Waterdeep, but that is based upon tales from times when the identities of the Masked Lords were common knowledge. The Lords are rumored to have magic amulets and rings as well but the reliability of any streetwise information is suspect. The penalty for impersonating a Masked Lord is death, enforced by the Blackstaff.

Justice in Waterdeep

The black-robed Magisters, or city judges, administer justice in Waterdeep and preside over Common Courts, the Hall of Justice and the Lord's Hall (the latter two in the Lords' Palace). The Magisters have the authority to waive fines or add stern lectures as appropriate. Often a Magister may be escorted to a scene (by six members of the city guard) to administer justice promptly. While in theory a sentence can be appealed to the Lord's Court, most such appeals are denied.

Law Enforcement in Waterdeep

City Watch
The City Watch functions as a police force for Waterdeep. Their main headquarters is in Castle Waterdeep in Castle Ward but stations (called Watchposts) are located in each Ward of the City. Their uniform colors are green, black and gold. The watchmen are well trained and well equipped with leather armor, rods (treat as clubs), and short swords. They would rather talk problems over than use force of arms, but if fighting is required, they use horns to summon reinforcements. The Watch never draws swords on unarmed foes, only rods to subdue opponents.
A normal City Watch patrol consists of at least 8 watchmen, but patrols in more dangerous wards may be double in numbers. A patrol consists of a civilar (captain or lieutenant), an armar (sergeant) and watchmen/watchwomen. A typical captain is 7th level and the sergeant might be 6th level. The remaining patrol members would be 3rd level or 4th with a mix of martial and arcane abilities. If reinforcements are needed, another similar patrol will arrive in two minutes and a 16-member, heavily armed City Guard patrol arrives in five minutes. The City Watch rarely patrols Mistshore currently and seldom ventures into the sewers or Downshadow. (Sometimes the City Guard will send a patrol into Downshadow.)
Patrols pass along main streets once every hour, often changing their routes to confound would-be criminals. Dock Ward and known frequent-theft areas are patrolled more frequently as do known rough taverns and inns. Temple grounds are typically patrolled by their own clergy and largely left alone by the City Watch unless called upon.
All watch patrols carry at least one 'watch horn' which they can signal each other in times of need through various patterns. The watch horn can be used to:
  • Summon watch reinforcements
  • Summon City Guard aid
  • Summon Watchful Order aid
  • Summon "duty healers" (priests lent by various city temples)
  • Proclaim that an alert or search is now ended
  • Proclaim that someone has been found
  • Warn fellow watch members away from a dangerous spot or delicate situation

City Watch have several Ranks, although to the laymen most use "watchmen" or "officer" for both genders and ranks. Watch members actually hold these ranks, from lowest to highest:
  • Blade (private or patrolman)
  • Sword or "Armar" (equivalent to a sergeant) - a 2nd rank officer
  • Captain (patrol leader)- a 4th rank officer
  • Rorden (in charge of a watchpost or barracks, or either five or six patrols)- a 4th rank officer
  • Orsar (envoy to guilds, noble houses; also serves as prisoner escorts and in honor guards) - 5th rank
  • Guardsword (duty head for shifts patrolling the city docks and gates)
  • Commander ("officer of the shift")
  • Watchlord (the administrative and disciplinary heads of the watch, usually three or four officers who hold special titles personally bestowed on them by Lord Dagult Neverember).
  • The Watch Warden of Waterdeep (Commander of the Watch), currently Daerovus Tallmantle
  • "Civilar" is a generic term applied to all ranks from swordcaptains up through orsar.

Rank badges are as follows (all are encircled by an oval line sculpted into a rolling wave at the bottom and the peak of Mount Waterdeep at the top):
  • Blade: diagonal slash (lower left to upper right)
  • Sword: diagonal slash (upper left to lower right)
  • Swordcaptain: X shape (crossed diagonal slashes)
  • Rorden: horizontal dagger (hilt on left)
  • Orsar: vertical open human right hand, fingers uppermost and palm showing
  • Guardsword: two horizontal swords, upper one with hilt right, lower one with hilt left
  • All higher ranks: two staring eyes, horizontal sword beneath them (hilt on left)

Armed Forces of Waterdeep

City Guard
The Guard is also headquartered in Castle Waterdeep and is currently a division of the City Watch. Unlike the Watch, the Guard is made up of professional soldiers responsible for defending the city, protecting the gates, and guarding important citizens and locations. Guards wear scale or chain shirts and carry short swords and shortbows.
"Shieldlar" — 3rd officer’s rank in the Guard (equal to a lieutenant) "Aumarr" - 4th rank officer in the Guard (equal to a Captain) "Valabrar" - 5th officer in the Guard (equal to a Major)