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by kenobi65, Aug 29,2010

VicCon XI

Saturday September 4, 10:30am: LFR ?????; ????? to run; WILLS HOUSE

Saturday September 4, 3:00pm: ?????; ????? to run; WILLS HOUSE

Sunday September 5, 1:00 pm: MINI 1-4 Coaxing the Flame; Suzanne to run; WILLS HOUSE

Your discoveries regarding a fire cult operating in the Windrise Ports bring you to the city of Harglast. You believe the leader of the cult is in town. Now begins the frenzied race to find him.

Set in the Windrise Port of Harglast on Returned Abeir (FRCG p.216-217), the Windrise Ports are featured in an article in Dragon magazine #376 p.45-50. Fourth part of the "Embers of Dawn" mini-campaign. It is recommended that these mini-campaign adventures are played in sequential order with one character for the best enjoyment and play possibilities within the mini-campaign, but it is not required.