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by Huscarl, Aug 16,2011

Bring Your Own Hero to the Table

If you’re like most players, you’ll want to build your own 1st-level character to bring to D&D Encounters, using the standard character creation rules presented in the Rules Compendium, Heroes of the Fallen Lands, or Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms.
Of course, you can also use the D&D Character Builder to create your character as well.
Generate ability scores for your character using the standard array (method 1) or point buy (method 2.)
This season, you can choose character options from any of the following rules sources:
  • Neverwinter Campaign Setting
  • Heroes of the Fallen Lands
  • Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms

You may also use Dragon online articles that support the books listed above.

Gaining Experience, Leveling Up, and Earning Rewards

Each week, as you face monsters and overcome obstacles, you’ll gain experience points that will enable you to eventually level up your character. If you manage to play most or all of the sessions this season, you can hit 3rd level by the conclusion of the story.
At the end of each session, your DM will award your Experience Points, as well as your Renown Points (which earn you Rewards). You can track your character’s progress from week to week by asking your organizer for a Play Tracker or by downloading one here.