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Pixils are tiny (less than 1/2 inch long) unintelligent humanoid creatures that look like extremely small pixies with wasp-like wings. They congregate in swarms.
[[Tiny]] [[Humanoid]] ([[Fey]]) [[Swarm]] + Armor Class: 5 + Hit Points: 1 (per pixil in swarm) + Speed: 2 feet, [[fly]] 50 feet + Senses: [[darkvision]] 60 ft. + Str 1 (-5) + Dex 20 (+5) + Con 1 (-5) + Int 2 (-4) + Wis 18 (+4) + Cha 10 (+0) + Alignment [[Chaotic Neutral]] + Languages None


[[Disperse]]: If the swarm takes damage from an attack to which they are [[vulnerable]] (see below), the swarm will disperse for 1 [[minute]], after which they usually resume the attack (usually counts as a new encounter). Dispersing a pixil swarm does not award XP unless they do not resume the attack. While dispersed, they cannot be [[attack]]ed.
[[Immunities]]: The pixil swarm is [[immune]] to [[piercing]] and [[slashing]] damage.
[[Magic Resistance]]: Pixils have [[resistance]] to magic damage, and has [[advantage]] on [[saving throw]]s against [[spell]]s and [[magial effect]]s.
[[Resistance]]: The pixil swarm is [[resistant]] to [[bludgeoning]] and [[poison]] damage.
[[Swarm]]: A pixil swarm can consist of 5-50 pixils. Attacks that target "one creature" can do a maximum of 1 hit point of damage.
  • [[Cold Iron]] โ€” Being [[fey]], they are [[vulnerable]] to [[Cold Iron]] bludgeoning weapons and will not attack creatures in cold iron armor. If the swarm takes damage from a cold iron weapon, the swarm will disperse (see above)
  • [[Thunder]] โ€” They are also vulnerable to [[thunder]] damage. Any thunder damage will cause the swarm to disperse (see above).


Melee Attack โ€” [[Bite]]: +5 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). Hit: 1 [[piercing]] damage per 10 pixies in the swarm (minimum of 1) and the target bit must make a [[DC]] 18 [[saving throw]] or become [[intoxicated]] for 10 [[minute]]s.



Encounter Building

Level 1
XP 1 per pixil in the swarm


Pixil swarms are common in the [[Feywild]] and [[Feydark]]. Pixil swarms are rare in the other [[parallel planes]], and unheard of on other [[plane]]s.


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