by btbarnum, Sep 13,2009
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D&D Miniatures Game Tools

Bifur's Warband Generator: An excellent tool for warband building, collection management, and random booster generation. Card printing is possible with an internet connection, thanks to the articulation between Bifur's and DDM Web Card (see below).
Dapper Devil: Multi-color fitted bases and status tokens for use in skirmish and RPG.
DDM Resources: Home of Pat Lynch's suite of DDM tools -- Collectible Package Generator (generates random boosters and cases), DDM Card Printer (assembles card images onto one or two printable sheets of paper), and DDM Warband Tool (a complete warband building and collection management application, including card printing)
DDM Web Card: Finally, a web-based tool for browsing, searching, and printing DDM stat cards! Created by deadseashoals, DDM Web Card is perfect for Mac users and anyone who wants instant access to DDM stat cards.
The Vassal Game Engine: Play DDM online -- find installation instructions here and the latest module here.

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