by johnnyquest, Sep 7,2009
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General Information

The D&D Miniatures Game (often referred to as 'skirmish') is a head-to-head battle game that mimics D&D RPG combat. The rules mirror 4th edition mechanics, but are streamlined, taking less time and requiring only two players. Each player builds a warband from several miniatures, which then are pitted against each other. The game relies on strategy, tactics and a bit of luck. Some people play it when they wait for late arrivals to their RPG group; others go to tournaments or conventions and play with other people.

What's the status of the D&D Miniatures Game?

Upon the release of Player's Handbook Heroes, Series 1 in April 2009, Wizards of the Coast altered the distribution of the D&D Miniatures line from its former configuration (fully randomized booster packs and huge packs). The November 2008 set -- D&D Miniatures: Demonweb -- was the final release sold in fully randomized booster packs and the final release to contain skirmish stat cards produced by WotC (official skirmish stats now are produced and distributed by the DDM Guild -- see below). WotC has continued to support skirmish through licensing of the DDM Guild and continued DCI sanctioning of D&D Miniatures Game tournaments. For more information, read the following articles: D&D Miniatures Changes Announcement and D&D Miniatures Changes Explained.

What is the DDM Guild?

The DDM Guild is a community driven and officially licensed organization that continues to design and publish resources (rules, stat cards, battle maps, campaign scenarios, etc.) for the D&D Miniatures Game. More information and free game resources can be found on the Guild's website.
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