by charlesryan, Dec 8,2009
The RPGA (an acronym originally derived from RolePlaying Gamers Association) is a venerable organization that has supported D&D for nearly three decades. It is part of WotC's [[OP]], or Organized Play, programme.
The RPGA is an integrated part of WotC's [[DCI]] sanctioning body. Any member of the RPGA is automatically also a [[DCI]] member, and any [[DCI]] member can take part in RPGA events.
The RPGA supports not just tournament and in-shop events, but also home games and campaigns. Players can access the RPGA’s library of adventures, most of which are set in its Living Forgotten Realms campaign, and take advantage of the WotC [[DM’s Rewards]] programme, which sends free game materials to DMs.

Joining the RPGA

Traditionally, the main method of joining the RPGA has been to attend an official RPGA event and sign up there. That method still works; if you attend a D&D [[OP]] event at a shop, or are going to a con at which there are RPGA events, simply ask the organizer to sign you up. You'll fill out a [[DCI]] card, which will give you a [[DCI]] number.
Because the RPGA is a part of the [[DCI]], another method is simply to ask an organizer of any WotC [[OP]] programme to give you a [[DCI]] card. For example, if your local game shop runs Friday Night Magic events, they should have a supply of [[DCI]] cards. This is the most convenient method for many gamers.
Finally, you can request a card by contacting the [[DCI]] at dciuk@hasbro.co.uk. Provide your mailing address, and the DCI will send you a card by post.
Regardless of which method you use, once your card is in-hand, simply go online to www.thedci.com/activate and register your number. (Don't fret if you can't remember this URL; it's on the card.) Then you're a member!

Benefits of Membership

More info to follow. [[DMs Rewards]]