by meltear, Sep 16,2009

Epic Tier Powers: The Boondock Bastion

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Level 22 Utility

Eagle's Wings (PHB 2)

Flight with hovering for the entire encounter. Solid, but there are better powers for a Warden. Flying with hovering is quite awesome vs flying enemies. Force them to the ground to fight on your terms. This one is also fantastic for other classes, especially ranged attackers.

Panacea (PHB 2)

Well, well, well this is certainly a substantial boost to saves for the entire encounter. It also generates a saving throw as well with the bonus. With just a Nullifying Ring that's +7 to saves for the entire encounter.

Renewal (PHB 2)

Get back those crazy MC nova powers like Storm of Blades. This is a great nova enabler. It's not too bad when used with some of the choice Warden encounter powers either.

Wellspring of Life (PHB 2)

Surge healing and a high regeneration rate. That speaks for itself.

Level 23 Encounter

Guardian's Wrath (PHB 2)

Damn good if you have HBO. However few enemies will attack an ally when under the effect of this power, unless you're an Earthstrength Warden that just used his second wind. If they do attack your ally, they get the OA and a Warden's Fury for their trouble. If they do attack you, they're gonna miss since your AC is sky high.

Nature's Ally (PHB 2)

Accurate double attack that combines control and debuff.

Startling Savagery (PHB 2)

If you hit you get a substantial bonus to hit. A solid nova setup for the Wildblood MC Ranger/Fighter.

Whirlwind Assault (PHB 2)

A close burst with no control, but a decent defensive buff. I'm not sold though that it's better than Nature's Ally.

Level 25 Daily

Form of the Blood Wolf (PHB 2)

This Form might get ugly with a Moonstalker Shifter. MC Ranger and rip your enemies to shreds.

Form of the Displacer Beast (PHB 2)

A bit to unreliable in my opinion. Perhaps there's something out there that makes this better?

Form of the Jungle Lord (PHB 2)

Fantastic control for the Reacher. Sliding enemies on a hit is about as good as it gets.

Form of the Autumn Reaper (PHB 2)

This tacks some necrotic damage to those inclined to nova. It also gives reach +1.

Level 27 Encounter

Earth Tomb (PHB 2)

A Grasping weapon and the feat Pin Down and you just ruined your enemy's day. Really any attack that causes prone + Grasping + Pin Down ruins your enemy's day. He's also going for quite a ride with the slide from the ES Warden.

Guardian's Storm (PHB 2)

Lightning damage to the face if your enemy moves under this power's effect. That's a good reason for it not to move.

Screaming Wind Strike (PHB 2)

Stun vs. Reflex. Stun Orcus from outside his reach and watch him die. Laugh your ass off.

Weight of the Mountain (PHB 2)

Auto slowing in a massive area. It's awesome, but it's got some competition.