by meltear, Sep 16,2009

Powers: Protecting your Wards

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At Will Powers

Note: Warden's Fury and Warden's Grasp are Class Features and need not be selected. You get them automatically in addition to any of the other at-wills you select.

Warden's Fury (PHB 2)

Since this works with your reach, polearms are extremely good weapons for the Warden. This really makes an enemy pay for not attacking you as the target grants CA to your allies if you hit. The fact it targets Fort just means you need all the accuracy you can get.

Warden's Grasp (PHB 2)

This one is for Lurkers and Skirmishers. They think they're gonna get away, but they didn't count on you being the badass that you are. You basically just ruined their day. Note this power works automatically when triggered. That it's of limited use keeps it from being ranked as high as Warden's Fury

Earth Shield Strike (PHB 2)

It's okay as a bonus to AC is never a bad thing, but since it's a power bonus it won't stack with itself or other stuff.

Strength of Stone (PHB 2)

THP's are never a bad thing. However you're already the baddest mofo in the valley when it comes to toughness and resilience. This becomes the better the lower your AC is. Well, it's actually really good even if you have high AC. This is a great choice for a Human's third at-will.

Thorn Strike (PHB 2)

Okay now we're getting into what makes Wardens so good. At Melee 2 even a SnB Warden can force opponents to deal with him. Once you're adjacent to a Warden, good luck trying to get away. Since you should be in Form of Winter's Herald as often as possible, Thorn Strike can reign in any stragglers that aren't in your zone of ice. Of course, you can just move over to them, but you want the other enemies that are already in the zone to stay there as well. This power minimizes your movement.

Weight of Earth (PHB 2)

Heh, this power is the best of the at-wills. Slowing enemies at will is just win. Combine with Sudden Roots and Form of Winter's Herald and you pose a challenge for any enemy to try to move away from you.