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Feats: Constructing the Bastion

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Paragon Tier Feats

Class Feats

Earthstrength Resovle (PHB2)

Sometimes, like when you second wind, your AC is just too much to overcome for most enemies. This is when they're most likely to attack your allies. You then make them pay with some Warden's Fury, and you laugh as you become even harder to kill. They still have to you to deal with. You're not going anywhere.

Enhanced Font of Life (PHB2)

More saving throw goodness. Another piece in the puzzle toward becoming immune to save ends effects.

Wildblood Speed (PHB2)

I'll err on the side recklessness and say that the free action goes off before your enemy attacks your ally. This feat ensures your mark can't escape your wrath. (This could be an incorrect interpretation.)

General Feats

Agile Opportunist (PHB2)

Could be fun with HBO I suppose (though HBO is only good for you in certain builds). It's certainly not a bad choice even without it. A few notes about this feat from contributors to this thread: Propane mentions, "this has a nice sexy little niche: Friendly fire. It could be Blue or Sky Blue if you're willing to take a friendly Thunderwave or Chill Wind (or similar). If the whole group has the feat, oh sexy times. Very niche, but very nasty." AlienFromBeyond points out, "Agile Opportunist is amazing with a Virtue of Cunning Bard/Covenant of Preservation Invoker."

Paragon Defenses (PHB2)

I like the others that give +2 to single defenses. YMMV.

Quick Recovery (PHB2)

This might be good. I haven't really given it much thought honestly.

Reserve Maneuver (PHB2)

You can replace a stinker PP power for an awesome Warden power. Of course, some PP's encounter powers are good, however, most are not.

Two Weapon Opening (PHB2)

I love and hate this feat. It's great for any dual wielding build, a Warden MC Ranger/Fighter is no exception.

Vexing Flanker (PHB2)

Since you're in melee often, you'll be flanking often. This helps your allies that aren't flanking a ton... especially Taclords and Wizards.

Armor Spec Hide (PHB)

There's no reason every Warden shouldn't take this feat. Ok, maybe the very few that wear heavy armor won't.

Danger Sense (PHB)

This could be initiative overkill, or a placeholder for a better feat later. Going first is great for a Defender/Controller.

Deadly Axe (PHB)

Halberdiers and dual wielders could make use of this. So could MC Barbarians.

Defensive Advantage (PHB)

Works well with Lasting Frost/Wintertouched, but the Dex requirement is steep.

Evasion (PHB)

If you have the Dex and the open slot you could do worse.

Fleet Footed (PHB)

Wildbloods make better use out of this than Earthstrength.

Great Fortitue/Iron Will/Lightning Reflexes (PHB)

A good place holder for Robust Defenses and Epic "Insert Defense" feats in PHB2.

Hammer Rhythm (PHB)

This feat is the reason Hammers are great.

Heavy Blade Opportunity (PHB)

You won't need this if you have Sudden Roots. However, it is great with Footwork Lure poached from the Fighter. I'm not sure why I had this black originally. Since Wardens like to use Heavy Blades, this feat is a no brainer for them. Glaives can get a bit more out this feat naturally. This is definitely blue. It's skyblue for some builds. For instance those with threatening reach can use Thorn Strike, or Footwork Lure if you can get it. Even then Sudden Roots remains great in conjunction with HBO. So in some instances the first sentence about this feat isn't true.

Improved Second Wind (PHB)

I only mention this because second wind is important. There are better second wind feats of course. It's still barely worth a feat.

Lasting Frost/Wintertouched (PHB)

I list these together because alone they're not that great. This might be more trouble than it's worth since you have to hit them first with a cold power to gain CA. And let's face it, there are a lot of really great weapon enchantments out there that are more effective than this.

Polearm Gamble (PHB)

We all love this feat right? Of course we do. Now if you're always in Form of Winter's Herald it's doubtful this will see much use. But Winter's Herald isn't the only tactic to employ.

Psychic Lock (PHB)

You'll have to wield a Psychic weapon, but that's certainly not a bad thing when combined with this feat.

Resounding Thunder (PHB)

I've already forgotten if how many blasts or burst with the Thunder keyword there are. I doubt there's enough to justify this feat.

Seize the Moment (PHB)

The Dex requirement is too high. Otherwise, this feat could be put to some good use if you built up your initiative. Opening up with Storm Strike, Hail of Thorns, or Winter's Grip with CA would be nice.

Shield Spec (PHB)

Hide Spec is better and easier to qualify for if you're an ES Warden. Some Wildbloods might be able to get it if they desire.

Solid Sound (PHB)

This is a really good feat, but do you have enough Thunder powers to justify spending a feat for it?

Spear Push (PHB)

This isn't really one of the Spear feats you want or need. Magic items replicate this, but it's not a bad choice by any means.

Uncanny Dodge (PHB)

Wildblood Tanks can make good use of this feat.

Racial Feats


Empowered Dragonbreath (PHB)

A decent power up for your breath.

Dragonborn Zeal (D 365)

The "reduced to 0 hp" and second wind effect are win. The Cha effects probably won't help much.

Draconic Arrogance (MP)

Fighter only. I still don't why this awesome feat is Dragonborn only, but it's an awesome feat nonetheless.


Dwarven Durability (PHB)

Every Dwarf should take this.

Stonefoot Reprisal (MP)

Make the fools pay for trying to move a Dwarf around.

Stoneheart Warrior (MP)

Second wind as a free action? Amazing. Combine with Epic Recovery for winning results.


Shocking Flame (FRPG)

Nova Bursters want this as much as any other feat. This is a ridiculously good damage boosting feat.

Elemental Guardian (MP)

Fighter only. Very solid for any Genasi Warden. I prefer Earthsoul's extra bonus to saving throws, bringing the total to +2 base. Not bad at all.


Unyielding Stone (PHB2)

You can never have enough THP sources methinks.

Half Elf

Versatile Mastery (PHB2)

Gold. Gold. Gold. Twin Strike, Howling Strike, Footwork Lure, and now Eldritch Strike. This feat is so good it hurts.

Half Orc

Strength from Pain (PHB2)

Great for MC Barbarians/Rangers/Fighters.


Action Recovery (PHB)

Save vs every effect you affecting with an AP.


Beast Within (D 369)

+1 to hit while bloodied. How long/often can you stay bloodied?

Bloody Gore (D 369)

Opportunity Gore is all the Goring you'll ever need.

Brutal Ferocity (D 369)

Are you still unconscious if you're at 0 hp's or below but have THP? I ask this because this feat could keep you standing until you're dead. Of course if it keeps you standing you'll heal yourself or someone else will. However, if THP keep you standing then Strength of Stone is awesome with this feat.


Beasthide Shifting (PHB2)

Why not take this? Oh, you ran out of feats eh? I hear ya. (Meaning while this feat is awesome, if you can't fit it in it's because there are so many good choices.)

Cliffwalk Shifting (PHB2)



Improved Immutability (D 364)

Well this certainly does not suck.

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