by starkiller_, Sep 17,2009

Feats: Constructing the Bastion

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Heroic Tier Feats

Class Feats

Sudden Roots (PHB 2)

This goes to the top of the list because it's awesome. This is similar to the Fighter's Combat Superiority but it's better in ways. Combine with Herald of Winter's Grasp and enemies are hard pressed to move away from you.

Crushing Earthstrength (PHB2)

This is SkyBlue for MC Barbarians. More damage for Storm of Blades.

Revitalizing Font of Life (PHB2)

It's one of the many ways to make Font of Life even better.

Wildblood Cunning (PHB2)

It's not bad, but it's not a must have.

General Feats

Against All Odds (D 364)

If you have 3+ enemies adjacent to you, you get a bonus to hit and damage. Rad. Wis 13 is automatic for WildBloods, and easy to get for ES Wardens.

Timely Respite (PHB2)

More second wind/saving throw synergy.

Blade Opportunist (PHB)

There's no reason to not take this if you wield a Heavy Blade, and it's a also a good reason for wielding a Heavy Blade. If your DM doesn't have monsters provoke often, then this feat loses its luster.

Combat Reflexes (PHB)

This is good for the same reasons Blade Opportunist is. The same goes for how your DM runs the game.

Durable (PHB)

Blue for Wildbloods. ES Wardens will have more surges than they know what to do with.

Improved Initiative (PHB)

Going first is always great for a class that helps dictate the pace of the battle. Combine with the Battle Harness and Eyes of Awareness (in epic) for a substantial bonus to initiative.

Mounted Combat (PHB)

This is one feat that I've never gotten into. I'll have to look into it more, as my games don't use this feat for many reasons. It's really just here for completion's sake. If anyone has suggestions, please share.

Power Attack (PHB)

There's no reason to take this unless you're a Nova Burster. You can't afford to miss with your attacks. It's not about damage, but the conditions and control you lay down on your enemies.

Powerful Charge (PHB)

Good for MC and PMC Barbarians. Warforged Juggernauts want this as well.

Toughness (PHB)

This feat is great for obvious reasons.

Two Weapon Fighting (PHB)

MC Rangers and Fighters will want this because...

Two Weapon Defense (PHB)

Two Weapon Defense rules, especially for the Warden/MC Ranger or Fighter.

Weapon Focus (PHB)

Take this if you have open feats left over. You want accuracy, not damage (unless you can swing both of course or are going Nova Burster).

Weapon Proficiency (PHB)

Greatspear, Spiked Chain, Triple Headed Flail all come to mind as great choices.

Nimble Blade (PHB)

The Dex requirement is tough for some races, but the payoff is more accuracy. While some of the Dailies often don't HAVE to hit to be very effective, most of your powers do. Remember it's the control and defending that you're going for, damage is secondary to most Warden builds.

Combat Medic (PHB2)

his feat "might" be useful if there's no Leader. But why the hell are you playing without a Leader?

Two Weapon Threat (PHB2)

Move along. This feat is a dubious choice even for true dual wielders. If it gave a bonus to hit, that would be a different story.

Weapon Expertise (PHB2)

This should be one of your first feats you take along with Sudden Roots (Have I mentioned how good Sudden Roots is?)

Racial Feats


Auspicious Lineage (PHB2)

If you actually go Deva, pass on this waste of a feat. The regular racial power works just fine.

Potent Rebirth (PHB2)

Since you get a few "reduced to 0" powers, this isn't that bad. Deva can make ok Wildbloods, but there are much better races.


Adaptable Breath (D 365)

Meh. Not one of the better breath feats.

Hurl Breath (D 365)

Getting better. Keeping your allies out of the breath is good.

Enlarged Dragonbreath (PHB)

This is much better for a fighter. You can pass on this one.

Dragonborn Senses (PHB)

Just not good enough to take these days. I'm not sure it was ever a good feat though. I certainly would've never taken it.

Dragonborn Frenzy (PHB)

You just don't need this. Perhaps if you're going Nova and you have an open feat slot.


Dodge Giants (PHB)

This is a good feat later in the game when almost all enemies you face are Large or bigger. If can't fit in, join the club. Feats are getting mighty precious these days. This won't change in the future either.

Dwarven Weapon Training (PHB)

It's better for other classes like Barbarian than it is for you. You only really need this if you're going Nova. If you're doing that, you absolutely want this feat. You could swap it for Weapon Focus in epic, as a Maul + Gauntlets of Destruction is the same as a Mordenkrad.

Gold Dwarf Pride (FRPG)

With the "reduced to 0 hp" powers, this feat is solid.

Shield the Fallen (FRPG)

If you can fit it into your build it's a good defensive boost for your allies in dire circumstances.


Elven Precision (PHB)

Good but not necessary. It can't hurt to get a +2 to the reroll. Again, feats are more precious these days than they were a few months ago.

Wild Elf Luck (FRPG)

This one is overkill. However. Accuracy... you can't ever be too accurate (until you're hitting a 2+ that is).

Wood Elf Agility (FRPG)

It lets you pull off stunts a bit better, but maybe not worth a feat.

Opportunistic Accuracy (MP)

Fighter MC only. Retain the reroll if you miss. Obviously solid for the Warden.


Extra Manifestation (FRPG)

You'll want this for Double Manifestation in epic. Take it as some point.

Manifest Resistance (FRPG)

Eh... just not worth the feat.

Versatile Resistance (FRPG)

This is good, just not great.

Earthshock Master (D 367)

Great feat if you can fit it in. It's not great because it deals damage, it's great because Earthshock is now a minor action reliable power.

Fast Manifestation (D 367)

It's not worth it since it's once per day.

Firepulse Master (D 367)

It's good for the same reason Earthshock Master is. Earthshock is just better for a Genasi Warden. Having both would be great. Of couse, Nova Bursters want Firesoul and Stormsoul for Shocking Flame.

Primordial Surge (D 367)

Once you get reliable racial powers or ones that are automatic like Stormsoul or Watersoul this feat gives out a good amount of THP.

Master of the Rumbling Earth (MP)

Fighter MC only. Accuracy to Earthshock. This is good.


Goliath Greatweapon Prowess (PHB2)

It's ranked this high only for Nova Bursters (MC Barbarian). For them it's awesome and a must have.

Markings of the Blessed (PHB2)

Solid choice, but do you have enough feats?

Markings of the Victor (PHB2)

I guess it's clear that I value accuracy high for a Warden by now eh? Take this and love it.

Half Elf

Group Assault (MP)

Half Elf only. This feat could produce quite a bit of extra damage with the right allies. Tactical Insight boosts the damage further in Epic.

Half Orc

Anger Unleashed (PHB2)

You're bound to get bloodied often. A boost to accuracy can't hurt.

Savage Assault (PHB2)

A debuff when you use Furious Assault. Its effect isn't good enough to justify its infrequency.

Thirst for Battle (PHB2)

Great for Half Orc Wildbloods. An extra surge and initiative bonus. I'd try to fit this in if you can.


Action Surge (PHB)

We all know how good and golden this feat is.

Human Perseverance (PHB)

A piece to the puzzle toward becoming immune to save ends effects.

Stubborn Survivor (FRPG)

A must have for all Human Wardens. Another piece of the puzzle toward becoming immune to save ends effects.


Goring Shove (D 369)

Though I'm not really a fan of pushes for a Warden (unless Iron Vangaurd), since you can choose to push, this feat is pretty good.

Greathorn (D 369)

This isn't worth a feat.

Natural Cunning (D 369)

Bonuses to Perception checks are a good thing.

Opportunity Gore (D 369)

Gold. Gold. Gold

Shifter, Longtooth

Gorebrute Charge (PHB2)

If you're making a charging build, you picked the wrong race.

Wild Senses (PHB2)

Feats like this are under rated on these boards. I understand why, but I'm not going put that same bias in the Boondocks. Tracking is extremely useful out of combat.

Shifter, Razorclaw

Burring Claws (PHB2)

Solid for Nova Bursters.

Wilds Senses (PHB2)

Feats like this are under rated on these boards. I understand why, but I'm not going put that same bias in the Boondocks. Tracking is extremely useful out of combat.


Hellfire Blood (PHB)

I'm not sure why you're a Tiefling Warden. Surely there's a reason. Maybe this feat was it?


Warforged Tactics (D 364)

Gold. Gold. Gold.

Immutability (D 364)

Warforged are some badass Wardens.

Component Modification (D 364)

I'm not sure how often this will be useful.

Improved Warforged Resolve (D 364)

If you have open slots, by all means take this.

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