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Vorpal (PHB) So good, but so expensive, and so high level...
Rending (AV) Axe only. For the Nova Burster only.
Grasping (AV) Spear/Polearm only. Great single target lockdown.
Controlling (AV) Polearm only. Great for slides and pushes, can also turn a push/pull into a slide 1/encounter.
Berserker (PHB) Axe or Heavy Blade. Trade defense for accuracy and resist all 15 for the entire encounter. A fine trade for a Warden. However, it's a daily. The rest of the time you're wielding a generic weapon.
Githyanki Silver (MotP) Heavy Blade. Awesome with Psychic Lock. The daily offers potentially great control if the enemy stays gone for more than one round. I like this with a SnB Warden.
Feyslaughter (AV) Every Warden should try to get a backup Feyslaughter weapon. Teleportation is something you can't deal with innately.
Battlecrazed (AV) Axe or Heavy Blade. Awesome for a Nova Burster. Absolutely awesome.
Reckless/Bloodclaw Another awesome choice for the Nova Burster.
Withering (AV) Reducing your target's AC with every hit is great. The saving throw caveat does make this a bit unreliable though.
Warsoul (D 364) Warforged only. Any one handed melee. A stacking bonus to initiative and a response to an enemy's shift as a daily. Not bad.
Inescapable (AV) Helps out with accuracy I suppose, but it seems like a Catch-22 to me.
Hestavar Dueling Blade (D 371) Light Blade only. Increases accuracy of OA's and immediate reaction/interrupt melee attacks. Good daily power as well. Spike Chain Masters probably make the best use out of this.
Frost (PHB) For the Wintertouched/Lasting Frost combo.
Staggering (AV) Poaching Footwork Lure makes this skyblue. Otherwise you'll want as many slides as possible.
Luckblade (AV) Reroll ftw.
Pinning (AV) Would this have been overpowered if it were an encounter power?
Defensive (AV) Boost those defenses even higher with your second wind. ES Wardens want to be in a situation where the enemies adjacent are forced to attack him when they second wind with this item.
Vanguard/Thundergod (AV) For the charging Wardens of the Boondocks.