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Equipment: Waist

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Cincture of the Dragon Spirit (AV) If you want to be good at Intimidate, this belt is the item for you.
Baldric of Tactical Positioning (AV) Help an ally flank easier.
Belt of Vim (AV) Increase Fort defense.
Sash of Ensarement (AV) Here's something for extra grabiness.
Belt of Blood (AV) ES Wardens will want this asap.
Belt of Mountain Endurance (D 365) Any Warden will want this asap. Str to surge value and a daily power that boosts defense with an AP.
Backbone Belt (AV) Combine this with other second wind defense boosting effects and well... you're just not going to be hit for one round. You just won't be.
Healer's Sash (AV) Whether you're wearing this belt or not, someone in the party should have this. You'll be contributing to the surges spent to create charges as well regardless of whether you wear the belt or not.
Cincture of Vivacity (AV) Not bad at all. This could get quite a few THP now and again.
Belt of Titan Strength (PHB) This belt and Bloodsoaked Bracers give you a high boost to damage once a day each.


Nullifying Ring (AV) Every Warden will want one of these.
Ring of Heroic Insight (AV) Nova Burst enabler.
Ring of Regeneration (AV) Awesome if you've reached a milestone.
Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords (AV) You could do worse here.
Ring of Invigoration (D 364) Surge healing when reduced to 0 HP.
War Ring (AV) Great for other classes, but criticals aren't your speciality.
Ring of the Shadow Guard (AV) Resist cold and necro as a property. Combine with other various resistances.
Ring of Fey Travel (AV) An item speed bonus from a ring. This could be useful if you other speed related slots are taken up by other items.
Ring of the Phoenix (AV) Resist fire as a property. Combine with other various resistances from other sources.