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Equipment: Wondrous Items and Consumables

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Wondrous Items

Power Jewel (AV) Skyblue if you poach Rain of Blows. It's still solid with some of the Warden's powers.
Salves of Power (AV) (Ab)use these for extra uses of Form of Winter's Herald.
Foe Stone (AV) You have many attacks that hit NADs. Regardless of that, this is an item every party should have at least one of.
Solitaire (Various) (AV) Better for other classes, but the Novas will want a few of these.
Battle Standard of Healing (AV) Multiples of these stack.
Frozen Whetstone (AV) This will give your weapon the Cold keyword which is usable with Wintertouched/Lasting Frost.
Mind Dust/Dread Nightshade (AV) For psychic/poison attacks respectively of up to 7th or 17th level. Somewhat expensive.
Fundamental Ice (AV) Cheap trick (both monetary and underhanded :)) with Wintertouched/Lasting Frost. Immobilizes (save ends). It really doesn't get much more awesome. Thanks again Starkiller.
Dark Clover (AV) Use with Form of Autumn Reaper nova. More on that later.