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Equipment: Head and Neck

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Cannith Goggles (D 365) Very cheap lowest level boost to Perception.
Headband of Perception (AV) You can use this if the Cannith Goggles aren't allowed. Obviously when the bonus for this item is greater than the bonus of Cannith Goggles, swap them out.
Helm of Opportunity (AV) Boosts OA accuracy.
Horned Helm (PHB) A good choice if you're going to charge often.
Coif of Mindiron (AV) All versions of these help out ES Wardens.
Coif of Focus (AV) The contingency for being stunned. Don't leave home without it.
Eye of Awareness (AV) Combine with the Battle Harness for an impressive bonus to initiative. Take Improved Initiative and you'll very rarely go second. This also gives you a bonus to Will defense.
Ioun Stone of Regeneration (AV) Another source of regeneration.
Eyes of the Dragon (D 365) A high bonus to Perception, and blindsight in a large area as a daily.


Amulet of Mental/Physical Resolve (AV) Two different neck slot items grouped together here. They give a bonus to save vs. various conditions.
Cloak of Resistance (PHB) More daily resist all damage.
Cloak of the Walking Wounded (AV) This about as good as it gets. This item was made for Wardens and Dwarves.
Brooch of Vitality (AV) A good item, but Cloak of the Walking Wounded is better.
Cloak of Displacement (AV) This should only be used in certain parties. Remember you don't want your AC so high that enemies don't want to attack you.
Torc of Power Preservation (AV) This item is a Nova enabler.