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Equipment: Arms and Hands

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Bloodsoaked Bracers (AV) Novas kill stuff extremely fast with these bracers. It's a 1/day thing though.
Trollhide Bracers (AV) Combine with Trollskin Armor for regen 10 twice a day.
Bracers of Defense (AV) Great one time damage resistance, but it's only a one time thing.
Iron Armbands of Power (AV) The default bracers for most melee characters.
Couters of Second Chances (AV) Reroll ftw.
Counterstrike Guards (AV) Combine with Strikebacks for 2/encounter ripostes.
Healer's Shield (AV) This makes one healing surge REALLY count 1/encounter for WB's. Always use on a Warlord's or Cleric's Inspiring/Healing word.
Shield of Blocking (AV) Power resist all. Combine with other resist all X damage effects for multiple resist all X damage effects per day.
Flamedrinker Shield (AV) Property resist fire. Combine with other various resist damage properties from armor, race, or class.
Shield of the Guardian (AV) This should be disincentive enough to not attack the ally that benefits from this shield's power.
Shield of Deflection (AV) The awesomeness of this shield is directly proportionate to the number of ranged attackers you face. If you can afford this as a backup item, it's a great backup item to have.
Jousting Shield (AV) For the charging Wardens that don't go two handed.
Shield of the Barrier Sentinel (D 366) A bonus to AC and Reflex while flanked dependent on tier.


Greatreach Gauntlets (AV) Increase reach for a -2 to hit. It's a good option to have without a doubt. It'd be crazy to run around all the time with these activated.
Wrestler's Gloves (AV) Good in combination with a Grasping weapon.
Parry Gauntlets (AV) Boosts your second wind defenses.
Strikebacks (AV) 1/encounter hit the enemy back for attacking you.
Gauntlets of [[COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]]Destruction[[/COLOR]] (PHB) A great set of gloves for any melee class, especially so for Nova Bursters.
Gloves of Camaraderie (AV) Since you have Font of Life, you can pretty much negate save ends effects. As an encounter power, these are among the best items for Wardens.