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Equipment: Armor

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As a Warden, you should be using Hide armor. Wardens get to add their Con or Wis to their AC while wearing light armor.
Battle Harness (D 368) A good bonus to initiative and free action item draw. Awesome.
Elven Battle Armor (PHB) A great bonus to save vs immobile or slow. Combine with Martial Freedom for save ends immobile/slow immunity. You also get a two turn bonus to speed as an encounter power. Solid.
Armor of Resistance (AV) Pretty basic here. Look for some better choices. This should've been Variable Resistance. This does get better (blue) if you are Genasi and/or your ED gives you various resistances to damage.
Horn Tusk Armor (PHB2) If you can swing getting KO'ed every encounter, this might be worth it. This is more for Barbarians with Enduring Rage though.
Screaming Armor (AV) Cool encounter power. It's possible that the Intimidate bonus could help a Half Orc with the Cincture of the Dragon Spirit which allows you to use Str for Intimidate rather than Cha. That's a niche use though. Everyone else should definitely pass over this.
Veteran's Armor (AV) Post-nerf it's still useful with AP's.
Wildleaf Armor (AV) Could be great depending on campaign. Most won't need or want this though.
Addergrease Armor (AV) I'm not a fan of armors that only have daily powers and no properties...unless that daily power is awesome. This one isn't.
Armor of Cleansing (AV) I'll increase the value of this when I get a better handle on often ongoing damage occurs.
Rageblood Armor (PHB2) MC Barbarians will want this armor without a doubt.
Lifeblood Armor (PHB2) More HP's is always a good thing, but this armor is on the expensive end of the spectrum.
Trollskin Armor (PHB) Great daily power with the regen 10.
Shared Suffering Armor (AV) Again I'm just not sure how prevalent ongoing damage is. If it occurs often, this is really good as the power is encounter. You're more likely to save the ongoing damage before the target who gave you the ongoing damage does (unless it was a Solo).
Barkskin Armor (AV) You rarely want your AC to be too high. You want the enemy to attack most of the time. This armor gives a great bonus to AC for those times you don't want to be hit. Situational, but great in those situations.
Assassinbane Armor (AV) Immunity to surprise is great. However, WB's definitely don't need this, while ES's have better options.
Inner Warmth (AV) Like Armor of Resistance, this gets better the more various resistances from other sources you have.
Displacer Armor (AV) You actually WANT to be attacked. Any disincentive to attack you is bad. Like Barkskin Armor, however, there are times where the enemy can be forced to only attack you, so this armor is a good choice for those situations. This is a bit cheaper than Barkskin as well.
Bloodcut Armor (PHB) If you have tons of surges this can resist a ton of damage. This armor's worth is dependent on your surge total and how many encounters you go through a day.
Armor of Durability (AV) Adds to your surge value. Decent choice, but I like a lot of others better.
Surge Armor (AV) It's similar to Barkskin and Displacer, but cheaper.
Snakefang Armor (AV) Resist poison, so it's similar to other resist damage armors. The more various resistances you have, the better this one is. You also get some daily poison retributive damage.