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Equipment: The Armament

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Weapon Groups

Axes Bump to Blue for MC Barbarians.
Flails Unless you can get Rain of Blows, there’s no real reason to use one of these at the moment. Triple Headed Flail is +3 prof though. Also, Spiked Chain can combine with Nimble Blade if you take the Spiked Chain Mastery MC feat. Flails become Blue at that point.
Hammers Great for Earthstrength Wardens. Hammer Rhythm remains great.
Heavy Blades +3 prof is the main selling point. Blade Opportunity is nice. Mastery isn’t that important. You’re not here to kill, you’re here to protect and enable killing. Think of the Warden needing to be able to hit the same you way a Taclord needs to hit.
Light Blades Solid with Nimble Blade. You’re not going to be winning any damaging contests anyway. You need to be able to hit for your mojo to work. Dex 15 won’t be easy to get unless you’re a Dex race.
Maces Unsupported.
Picks Unsupported.
Polearms This is the weapon group you want if you’re not using a shield.
Spears Control is the name of the game. Therefore spears are one of the best weapons you can wield. More for Wildbloods of course.
Staffs There just might be some wacky build out there for a Genasi MC Wizard or vice versa.

Equipment by slot:

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