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by Aramul, Sep 16,2009

Baseline Mechanics: Guarding the Boondocks

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Ability Scores: Structure of the Bastion

Strength – Though you do get a few miss effects and effect riders with your powers, you still need to hit with the vast majority. You also need to hit with those OA’s. You need as much Str as you can get without sacrificing everything else.
Constitution – Secondary stat for Earthstrength.
Dexterity – For Polearm and Heavy Blade builds only. Otherwise it’s not needed at all.
Intelligence – Dump and forget it.
Wisdom – Secondary stat for Wildbloods.
Charisma – I’m not seeing why anyone would want Cha. It’s probably Red, but the stat convinced me to make it purple. Ok, I see now why Cha convinced me. Platinum Scales (Sorcerer Utility 22) is just so much win for one encounter (thanks to ppaladin123 for that). Eternal Seeker that power right up! MC Sorcerer + Lorekeeper makes it an encounter power at level 30.

Skills: Means of Vigilance

Dungeoneering – Blue if Wildblood I suppose. It’s good to know your foe.
Athletics – You’ll be really good at this skill since you’ll max Str.
Endurance – Endurance may not be used as much as other skills, but it almost always sucks to fail one of these checks.
Heal – It’s good for similar reasons Endurance is. Wildbloods should take this over Endurance.
Intimidate – Its effects can be good, but you’ll most likely not be charismatic enough to pull anything out of this skill.
Nature – Blue if Wildblood. It’s good to know your foe.
Perception – Wildbloods love this skill above all others. Let’s face it, Perception is the best skill in the game to be good at. Wardens must be vigilant at all times.