by Aramul, Sep 16,2009

Archetypes: Building the Perfect Beast

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Human is assumed to be solid at any archetype. More detail to come…


Guardian Might: Earthblood or Wildblood
Races: Dwarf, Elf, Goliath, Human, Shifter, Warforged
Weapon Types: Heavy Blade, Hammer
Array: Str 16, Con 16/12, Dex 12, Int 8, Wis 12/16, Cha 10


Guardian Might: Wildblood is better, though Earthstrength can be competent
Races: Dwarf, Elf, Goliath, Half Elf, Human, Shifter, Warforged
Weapon Types: Polearm
Array: Str 16, Con 12/16, Dex 12, Int 8, Wis 16/12, Cha 10

Nova Burster

Guardian Might: Earthstrength (Barbarian) or Wildblood (Ranger or Fighter)
Races: Dwarf, Goliath, Human, Half Orc, Minotaur, Shifter, Warforged
Weapon Types: Axe, Hammer, Heavy Blade
Array: Str 16, Con 16/12, Dex 12, Int 8, Wis 12/16, Cha 10


Warlord (PHB) – Getting extra healing and a skill can’t hurt. Also, Warlord Utilities are made of win. You could do a lot worse.
Cleric (PHB) – Healing 1/day, a skill, and access to Warpriest is a win for the cost of one feat. A great choice for Wildbloods.
Fighter (PHB) – This gives you even more control which makes Fighter meld perfectly with the Warden. Reaching Wardens benefit the most from this MC. Epic Recovery is another nice perk for all Wardens. Fighter is also great for dual wielding Pit Fighters.
Paladin (PHB) – There’s no reason right now to venture into this way of the divine. Divine Power may change this.
Ranger (PHB) – If you’re gonna dual wield, this is the way to go. Wildbloods will benefit more.
Barbarian (PHB 2) – Wardens and Barbarians are yin and yang. Earthstrength Wardens can get some serious nova power from the mighty Barbarian. Also Bear Warrior makes second wind a free action while raging.
Warlock (PHB) – Maybe Arcane Power could push this to SkyBlue. There are some decent Con Warlock powers that offer a fair amount of control, but using an implement will cramp your style. Warforged don't suffer from these cramps though. Eldritch Strike, an at-will that slides 1 and can be based on Con, AND COUNTS AS A MELEE BASIC ATTACK, makes this Warlock power a great Half Elf Dilettante, or great reason to PMC. This means Eldritch Strike works with OA's AND Warden's Fury. Warden|Warlock hybrid (MC Barbarian of course) could be awesome as well.
Druid (PHB) - I haven't looked at the Druid yet, but there has to be some great control in there that you could put to great use.
Shaman (PHB) -There has to be something for the Wildblood here. Haven't looked into it yet though.
Invoker (PHB) - Since it's Wis based Warden like control perhaps there's something here. I'll look into this later.