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Dragonborn can make passable Assaulting Swordmages, but don't expect anything spectacular. (link )


Dwarves get a constitution bonus and some nice feats, but this brand of Arcane Magic isn't really their thing. (link )


Eladrin make solid Swordmages of either type. Their INT bonus works well, and DEX helps out with feats. (link )


The only real saving grace elves have is their Elven Accuracy racial power. Eladrin are a much better pick by far. (link )


Half-elves dilettante, access to human racial feats, and CON bonus can make an okay shielding swordmage. Don't get your hopes up. (link )


Drow don't really have anything going for them here. (link )


Humans make excellent Swordmages of either kind. Their floating bonus should be placed in INT of course, and the racial bonuses, feats, and the extra At-Will really seal the deal here. (link )


Tieflings have a INT bonus, which is always welcome, and while the CHA bonus isn't as good, it helps with Will Defense at least. Tieflings work best with fire-based Swordmage spells. (link )



Deva make excellent Swordmages of either kind, with boosts in intelligence (always good) and wisdom (good thing too). Their racial power is solid as well. If you want to be a Wandering Swordmage, this is easily a top contender. (link )


Gnomes get the same stat boosts as Tieflings do, and have several racial feats that make them sneaky. Their small size limits their weapon choice, but you're not playing a Swordmage to be a striker anyway. Overall, a solid choice. (link )


Goliaths don't have an inherent Intelligence bonus, but they're tough, and toughness is always a good thing for a defender. Both of their ability boosts allow them to do well at either Swordmage build. (link )


Half-Orcs are better off being a striker class, but they can make alright Assault Swordmages, with their strength boost. Their higher dexterity helps with heavy blade feats and Arcane Reach. (link )

Shifter, Longtooth

Longtooth Shifters would best work as an Assult Swordmages, and they get free regeneration when they get bloodied. That's about all they have going for them, though. (link )

Shifter, Razorclaw

Yeah, Razorclaws should consider other lines of work. (link )


Bladeling (MOTP)

Weak feat support, and no bonuses to Primary or Secondary stats. I'd rethink this if I were you. (link )

Changeling (EPG)

Changelings can boost the all-important Intelligence stat, and Charisma, while a dump stat, allows them to have a better-than-usual will defense. Unfortunately, most of the racial abilities also key off of Charisma, which means you'll have to keep it decent if you want to make use of the abilies. (link )

Drow (FRPG)

Drow don't really have anything going for them here. (link )

Genasi (FRPG)

Genasi were born to be Swordmages. Assaulting is obvious, given the STR and INT bonuses, but Genasi can also be good Shielding Swordmages as well. (link )

Gnoll (D 367)

Gnolls get a boost to CON and DEX, which can be useful to a Shielding Swordmage, and they got some interesting feats in a recent Dragon article. You could do worse. (link )

Kalashtar (EPG)

A boost to two dump stats do the Kalashtar no favors. They do get some nice racial feats, and telepathy is pretty cool, but that's all that the Kalashtar have going for them. (link )

Minotaur (D 369)

Minotaurs have lost the oversized trait, but they do also get boosts in both Swordmage secondary stats and do pretty well while charging. Minotaurs can do alright, although they favor the Assault Swordmage's Path because their racial power and feats demand Strength. (link )

Revenant (D 376)

A boost to secondary and tertiary stat for Shielding and Ensnaring Swordmages means your undead defender won't be terrible at his job, and they get some nice feats as well. Still, lacking a boost to Intelligence doesn't push Revenants into "optimal" territory. (link )

Shadar-Kai (D 372)

The recent dragon article has made Shadar-Kai a very nice choice for Swordmages, with Racial Feats that make them excellent all-around. (link )

Warforged (EPG)

Robotic Swordmage, anyone? Warforged get the same stat placement as Minotaurs and Orcs, and Warforged Resolve help's survivability. (link )

Wilden (PH3 Playtest)

A bonus to a secondary stat and a tertiary stat, but at the moment, the Wilden lack racial feat support. Play only if being a tree wielding a flaming sword appeals to you. (link )

Monster Manual

Bugbear (MM)

Bugbears don't have a Intelligence boost, but their increased Strength and Dexterity make them alright Assaulting Swordmages, and oversized and predatory eye are nice to have. (link )

Githyanki (MM)

One of the monsters in the MM is the Githyanki Gish, a warrior-spellcaster similar to a Swordmage. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that Githyanki are excellent at this class, getting stat boosts in the most important abilities a Shielding Swordmage needs. Telekinetic Leap is pretty sweet too. (link )

Githzerai (MM)

Githzerai, on the other hand, are not really cut out for the Swordmage job. (link )

Goblin (MM)

Goblin Tactics is a really nice racial power, and is the only reason to consider a Goblin Swordmage. (link )

Hobgoblin (MM)

Hobgoblins have a similar stat placement to Half-elves, but the racial features and feats Half-elves get place them ahead. Try looking elsewhere. (link )

Kobold (MM)

Kobolds get a boost to Dexterity and Constitution, and get the excellent Shifty Racial power. They may not be the best for the job, but they can pull their weight. (link )

Orc (MM)

Orcs get the same stat placement as Minotaurs, but they're better served being Assaulting Swordmages, as their racial power (which lets them spend a healing surge) is keyed off of strength. (link )

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