by Aramul, Oct 1,2009

Powers Heroic Tier

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Level 1, Encounter

Chilling Blow (D 367) (link ) Not too bad an attack, and it punishes enemies for attacking before the end of your next turn. This obviously gets better at later levels when enemies get more attacks.

Flame Cyclone (D 367) (link ) A very solid AOE spell. Great for Assaulting Swordmages, but is also welcome in a Shielding Swordmage's arsenal as well.

Foesnare (D 367) (link ) Immobilization at level 1 is rather good, and this power can be used while charging as well, which ups the power's accuracy.

Lightning Clash (D 367) (link ) If you want to hit more than one foe, Flame Cyclone is a better overall pick.

Blazing Pursuit (AP) (link ) It's an okay power, but it depends how open your battlefields are. A 5-square teleportation radius may mean this isn't the best choice for you.

Crackling Burst (AP) (link ) A close burst move that punishes movement. not a bad pick.

Falcon's Mark (AP) (link ) This allows you to mark a faraway for a level one ability. Ensnaring Swordmages will like this because of the specific rider effect is has for them.

Fox's Feint (AP) (link ) Pretty good. Try to swap the enemy into a flanking position.

Sword of Sigils (AP) (link ) This is really good for Shielding Swordmages. Damage to enemies and damage reduction to allies? What more do you need?

Level 1, Daily

Burning Blade (D 367) (link ) This power is better for Assaulting Swordmages, who are bond to have a better overall strength.

Dance of the Sword (AP) (link ) An area-of-effect attack that guarantees allies safe movement for a round, with a high potential for your party to hit your foes with OAs. Pretty good.

Dimensional Thunder (D 367) (link ) A rather good power. Move action is folded into it, and it inflicts ongoing damage to enemies around you.

Dragon's Teeth (AP) (link ) This power if for Assault Swordmages, and it punishes a group of foes who don't want to stand next to you. Not too bad.

Frost Backlash (D 367) (link ) This will be the most powerful attack you'll have for a while. This is an immediate action, which means you shouldn't be using this if you're expecting to use your aegis, but this can be handy, eliminating an enemy before it hurts you.

Lashing Asp (AP) (link ) Basically a damage boosting stance. Depending on how much you favor your Constitution, it could be useful.

Sweeping Frostblade (AP) (link ) Close burst immobilization. Sweet.

Warding Flourish (D 374) (link ) If your allies need to have the enemies keep away for just that one round, you have this. Basically, makes it impossible for your enemies to move next to allies for a round. Allies also get to push enemies too. Overall, a solid defender power.

Whirling Blade (D 367) (link ) Kind of a fun power. You throw your sword and it whirls around until it hits something.

Level 2, Utility

Arcane Transport (AP) (link ) A daily power that allows you to teleport your ally as you teleport. Not bad, but as a daily, it's limited, and it only keys off of Swordmage powers, making it not as good for multiclass Swordmages or Eladrin.

Channeling Shield (AP) (link ) Once per encounter, any Swordmage can use an Aegis of Shielding. This is a good one, even for Shielding Swordmages because they can use it to reduce damage from an enemy that they couldn't mark, or reduce damage to themselves; they also get a damage bonus on top of that.

Dimensional Warp (D 367) (link ) Every encounter, you can warp in and take a friend's place, sending them to safety (hopefully). Especially helpful if you have a rogue or ranger buddy, since they're not as durable as you are.

Eldritch Speed (D 367) (link ) Boosts your initiative and gives you an extra move action one encounter per day. Pretty good, all-in-all.

Elemental Aegis (D 367) (link ) This power is an immediate action which gives an ally an elemental resistance until the end of your next turn. Thing is, your immediate actions are probably better spent using your Aegis ability instead.

Fear No Elements (D 367) (link ) Not too many enemies at this level with elemental attacks, but this should prove useful, and scales up as you level.

Ghost Step (AP) (link ) An interesting stance power that allows you to shift an additional square when you shift. Not bad on its own, but if you have the Luring Strike power, this power works more for you.

Host of Shields (AP) (link ) A once-per-day encounter-long buff to AC and Reflex. Nothing more needs be said.

Ward of Brilliance (AP) (link )

A power similar to the Wizard's Shield spell, in that it increases AC when a foe attacks you. If the attack still hit, the foe is blinded. Not bad, but it's a daily power, and there are several other good choices at this level.

Level 3, Encounter

Blastback Swipe (D 367) (link ) Not a bad power choice. It pushes an enemy, can be used on a charge, and Assaulting Swordmages can also use it with their Aegis Attack.

Blazing Lunge (AP) (link ) A basic 2 fire attack that can be used on a charge, and that Assault Swordmages can use as an OA. Alright, but not amazing.

Corrosive Ruin (D 367) (link ) Another close blast power, like Flame Cyclone. This one isn't quite as powerful, but is still usable.

Dimensional Vortex (AP) (link ) This power is simply amazing. Your foe attacks an ally, you teleport that foe next to one of its buddies, and the buddy gets whacked. And if you're a Shielding Swordmage, the whacked buddy gets even more hurt than the ally would have. AND it targets Will. This is a power that any Swordmage should seriously consider.

Dual Lightning Strike (AP) (link ) You strike two foes, marking them both. It's... okay, I guess.

Incendiary Sword (D 367) (link ) Where do I begin? First of, this is a power that targets Will Defense, which is generally the lowest defense on an enemy. It's an AOE, and if punishes enemies for not attacking you as well. You'd be better served having both this and Transposing Lunge at 7th Level.

Shadow Snake Lunge (AP) (link ) An attack, and the foe is punished if they move. Take only if you have a good Constitution modifier.

Sloth Strike (D 367) (link ) Deals more damage than Foesnare, but has a worse effect. Still, it doesn't suck.

Transposing Lunge (D 367) (link ) Absolutely amazing. There is no reason for a Shielding Swordmage not to learn this, and even Assaulting Swordmages can use it.

Unseen Gauntlet (AP) (link ) A ranged power that immobilizes. It strikes Fortitude, true, but this is the kind of power that should be used against skirmishers, whose Fortitude tends to be lower. Ensnaring Swordmages also get a slight damage bonus too.

Level 5, Daily

Deep Freeze (D 367) (link ) This power is best used against enemies that tend to bunch up, like hobgoblins.

Dimensional Bond (AP) (link ) You attack a foe, and can teleport next to it as a move action for the rest of the encounter. Can be used for some tactical repositioning, true, but doesn't have much else going for it.

Elemental Foible (D 367) (link ) Low damage, but this power can synergize with teammates who have elemental-based attacks.

Energy Theft (AP) (link ) A weak damage attack that makes a foe vulnerable to damage, and provides reistance to your allies. Overall okay.

Enervating Slash (AP) (link ) A foe hit by this little number strikes for half damage it saves. Not to mention its a weapon attack against Fortitude, which tends to be lower than AC at these levels.

Lingering Lightning (D 367) (link ) Ongoing damage to 3 enemies isn't bad at all. Link to Copmendium

Mark of the Hound (AP) (link ) An attack that basically makes it impossible for a foe to hide from you.

Purifying Wound (AP) (link ) An attack with ongoing damage, and the target's friends also suffer while the target takes the damage. But, it's fire damage, and several other choices here are stronger than this one.

Shielding Fire (D 367) (link ) This power gives you an extra mark at heroic tier. You usually don't get two marks until Paragon levels, that's a fantastic reason to take it. But wait, there's more! Shielding Swordmages can also use this to inflict damage on enemies who hurt their allies! Freakin' awesome.

Level 6, Utility

Armathor's Step (D 367) (link ) A teleport that gives you an attack bonus on the next enemy you hit? Why the hell not? Link to Copmendium

Dimensional Warding (D 367) (link ) An anti-teleport zone. Gets better as you meet more enemies that cannot teleport.

Fate-Spurned Foe (D 367) (link ) This isn't as versatile as the Wizard's Orb of Imposition, but some Swordmage spells have some nasty rider effects. Link to Copmpendium

Quickling Stride (AP) (link ) You move 12 squares. Any questions?

Silversteel Veil (D 367) (link ) Not a bad defensive boost, but there are better options that you have here.

Swordmage's Decree (AP) (link ) Once per day, you get an additional mark during combat. This power is nice to keep in reserve even at higher levels, because you always can't get enemies to cluster around you when you cast your Aegis.

Unicorn's Touch (AP) (link ) A saving throw, or a little bit of free healing. Yeah, this is nice.

Variable Defense (D 367) (link ) Gives you an elemental resistance that's equal to your CON modifier which can be swapped to another resistance for the duration of the fight. Obviously better for Shielding Swordmages.

Zephyr of the Barren Sands (AP) (link ) When you gotta fly, you gotta fly. And with this, you can fly.

Level 7, Encounter

Dazing Rebuke (AP) (link ) Attacks will, and dazes. So far so good. But it's an immediate reaction, which means it only works after the ally's been hit. The attack still triggers when an ally is missed though, so it's still pretty good. There are some iffy timing issues though, so be careful about who you use it on (solos and elites are most ideal).

Electrified Lash (D 367) (link ) A lightning-based implement power. It's okay, but if you already have Swordburst there's little reason to bother. Link to Copmpendium

Flamewall Strike (D 367) (link ) Yeah, leave the walls to the Wizards.

Isolating Slam (D 367) (link ) This can be useful to knock enemies away who benefit from being near each other. Not so much otherwise.

Rejuvenating Strike (AP) (link ) Sometimes, the leader's out of usage of their healing powers. Sometimes, they're out of reach, sometimes, you just need the healing now. Well, that's what Rejuvenating Strike is for. Ensnaring Swordmages also get an addition Constitution bonus to this surge spent as well. Groovy.

Shatterblade (AP) (link ) Damage a foe, then deal Intelligence and Strength modifier damage to creatures around it. Not exactly ally-friendly, although you could do worse.

Sleet Strike (D 367) (link ) It's alright. It causes the target and adjacent enemies to slip and fall prone if they shift, so the mental picture is hilarious.

Spikes of Agony (D 367) (link ) This is rather good power. It's basically a souped-up Booming Blade that can be used with the Assault Swordmage's Aegis. It works better for them, but Shielding Swordmages might want to give this a look too.

Thunderclap Strike (AP) (link ) Implement attack that targets Fortitude, and knocks those it hits prone. Solid enough.

Watchful Strike (AP) (link ) You strike one foe, then mark another. Better for Assualtmages, maybe even blue, because it allows them to mark an artillery or controller monster that they might not have been able to get to this turn. If that creature attacks someone other that the Assaultmage, he gets to teleport next to that monster and mark him for real.

Level 9, Daily

Arcane Deflection (AP) (link ) The attack is so-so for this level, but the stance effect is amazing. Stay next to an ally who needs protection, and they have a good chance of surviving as you knock all attacks headed their way out of the air.

Beacon Blade (D 367) (link ) This has some use against lurker enemies and enemies who turn invisible.

Be Gone (D 367) (link ) If you or an ally really need some breathing space, teleport that sucker away.

Blade Bolt (AP) (link ) You slow a target with a ranged attack. Alright, but in addition to that, you also get an additional Aegis that lasts the encounter. Packaged together, this power works well.

Forceful Dismissal (AP) (link ) This power is more geared towards Assaultmages, pushing foes aside. It targets fortitude though, which makes it not as nice.

Glamor Blade (D 367) (link ) There's some debate on how exactly this power works, but cloning yourself in the middle of the fight is just too cool for words.

Hellspike Assault (AP) (link ) Another meh power. The only real utility it has is clustering opponents together for another ally's AOE, but you'd also be exposed to it as well (which may or may not be a good thing, depending on the AOE used).

Icy Sweep (D 367) (link ) Transposing Lunge already does what this power can do, and it can do it every encounter.

Leaping Flames (D 367) (link ) This one is rather fun. It hurts the enemy, and deals ongoing damage. When the enemy saves against that ongoing damage, you can send to flames to another enemy and give them ongoing damage. Rinse and repeat.

Lightning Strider (D 367) (link ) A rather interesting multiattack power. A pretty good choice, but maybe not the best.

Troll Rampage (AP) (link ) This is fun. You can charge down a foe, and smacking the opponent nets you regeneration while you're bloodied. And Snaremages get a bonus to the attack while charging.

Level 10, Utility

Arcane Awareness (D 367) (link ) Not granting combat advantage can be pretty useful in a fight.

Dimensional Dodge (D 367) (link ) Artillery monsters got nothin' on you.

Feywild Grace (AP) (link ) A stance that boosts speed, certain skill checks, and allows you to ignore difficult terrain. Not too bad, all-in-all.

Impenetrable Warding (D 367) (link ) Best for one-handed weapon Swordmages. A +3 bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will is pretty awesome.

Like a Feather (AP) (link ) Feather Fall by a different name. Well, it also prevents being knocked prone to, so I guess there's that.

Spider's Leap (AP) (link ) A big leap. Allows Snaremages to rain death down from above using it too.

Unerring Vision (AP) (link ) So, you kind of know where enemies are, but not exactly. Pass it over, there are too many other good choices at this level.

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