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Powers: At-Will

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At Will Powers

Booming Blade (FRPG) (link ) An excellent "sticky" power. It deals damage to an enemy, and punishes them even more if they try to run away.

Greenflame Blade (FRPG) (link ) A solid power that hurts one enemy and deals autodamage to any enemies next to the guy you hit. Sky blue for Tieflings, for obvious reasons.

Lightning Lure (FRPG) (link ) This power has a fairly short range, but is used to pull an enemy adjacent to you. Just make sure there's an empty space next to you.

Swordburst (FRPG) (link ) The only close burst At-Will there is. This power is made even more versatile with Arcane Reach.

Luring Strike (AP) (link ) Essentially the Swordmage's answer to the Fighter power Footwork Lure. Maneuvering the enemy around is a nice ability.

Frigid Blade (D367) (link ) This power is fantastic. It's secondary effect is just amazing when used by a Shielding Swordmage, who at Epic Levels can use this to immobilize enemies if their Constitution is high enough.