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by dielzen, Feb 15,2010


For a sorcerer, your secondary stat is VERY important. It affects your Armor Class, damage, and many rider effects of powers. Your primary stat affects Attack bonus and damage. Compare this to an archer ranger who has WIS as a secondary. It affects a handful of powers and some skills, but little else. For them, an 18/13/13 or 18/14/11 makes sense.
But since this is a sorcerer guide, I strongly recommend a 16,16,13,11,10,8 array for all DEX-based sorcs. New info shows that pretty much ALL sorcs will want the Dual-Implement Casting feat by paragon (DEX 13 required), so all Dragon sorcs will want a 12,12 split for CON/DEX.
The 16s of course go into CHA and your secondary attribute(STR or DEX)
If you are a Dragon/Cosmic Sorcerer, you can...
a) Choose Staff Fighting. However, since it requires 13 WIS, this option is now garbage since it gimps both CON and DEX.
b) Plan to take Hide armor in paragon. Take 12 CON and 12 DEX. Dumpstat your WIS, as it is worthless. This is my recommended option, and you can use Hide armor by Paragon via retraining. Plus you will qualify for Dual Implement in early paragon and can retrain a heroic feat to it. Also, you can take TWFighting/Defense if you have the feats available.

As a DEX-based Sorcerer, you can...
a) Go with Staff Fighting technique. Take 13 WIS, 11 CON. You qualify for TWF/TWD easily with your DEX and the double-weapon. However, I do not believe this works for Dual Implement Casting, so this approach is outdated.
b) Go with two daggers or a dagger/staff combo. In some Drow cases, dagger and hand crossbow. Take 13 CON for better HPs,surges, and fort defense. The last point can go anywhere. Maybe STR for armor at epic? +1 INT for better rituals? There is no strong preference here. My favored config is a Jagged Dagger mainhand, and Staff of Ruin in the other hand. This works with TWF/TWD surprisingly (requires HELD weapon, not wielded!), and gives you nice damage bonuses. (Note: If you take Daggermaster, ditch the Jagged dagger! Replace with BloodIron)
Taking a natural 18 in CHA is a bad idea as you lose tons of AC and damage and rider effects with your weaker secondary. At best you break even sort of with an 18,14,11,10,10,8. Better AB, about the same damage*, worse AC, and rider effects. By missing out on a 13, this means instant disqualification for both Armor and Staff-fighting feats, both of which are desirable for AC, and/or loss of HPs,surge.
  • note: I say 'about the same damage' as several sorcerer powers DO NOT add the CHA modifier, but still qualify for the usual sorc-secondary-attribute damage bonus! An 18CHA/14secondary can actually do LESS damage in some cases than a 16/16


Due to the importance of your secondary attribute, I strongly recommend taking a race with BOTH attribute pumps of the desired type.
  • Dragonborn - The best sorcerer race for Dragon/Cosmic. Free +1 AB when bloodied is a good bonus and will probably be used often. Their breath weapon synergizes perfectly with a sorcerers many blast powers to choose from. If you pick Cold, this works very well with Wintertouched/Frost. Use breath first as a minor, gain advantage, then use your power(s). The new Arcane Power's Draconic Spellcasting feat adds a HUGE accuracy advantage for single-element themed builds.

  • Halfling - One of the best DEX-based magic picks. Racial IS handy for getting out of trouble, and as a Small character, their racials are better than expected. Small size also works great with a Goblin Totem and a few other size-dependent feats and items.

  • Drow - An excellent DEX-based choice. The darkness ability is very strong for gaining combat advantage as usual, AND likely causing problems for foes since you will be closer to the front line.
Consider Two Fisted Shooter/Drow Weapon Training feat for getting free, accurate, and damaging hand-crossbow shots when you crit with your 'dagger', since you typically target more than one foe per turn. This is not so strong after Arcane Power though.
  • Human - Good for any class, they work decently for sorc. The lack of a secondary attribute is unfortunate, but Action Surge, and better defenses make up for it somewhat. The bonus at-will is very handy after the new options presented in Arcane Power. The bonus feat is DEFINITELY helpful in ramping up quickly (as I discussed the feat problem early on for sorcs)

  • Goblin - Good attribute fits. Mostly an inferior halfling, but still a strong DEX-sorcerer fit.

  • Half-Elf - With a CHA boost and a useful (though not optimal) secondary stat, they are recommended because they do have the ability to take Versatile Multiclasser in Paragon. (plus Action surge of course!) This alone makes them viable for the ability to steal ANY class's powers. In the sorc case, bard is a prime candidate as is warlock for the Wild-Magic guys. Dragon Magic sorcerers can choose from quite an array of STR-based (mostly weapon) powers. You might even find a usable non-attribute dependent power somewhere. Read other class guides and look for the broken powers. :-)

  • Tiefling - Tieflings are mediocre except as a Fire-based dragon sorcerer. In this regard, they are pretty good as well as thematic. Although lacking in a STR-boost and getting a near worthless INT pump, they have a better than normal hit chance with Fire and Fear thanks to their Hellfire blood feat. Their fire resist is unfortunately wasted, though you might be able to beg the DM for some lee-way. Ask to have it converted into an Improved Dragonsoul feat (+2/5/8 resist/pierce.) They deal more damage to bloodied foes and have access to a Turathi Highborn paragon path which is very thematic and useful for a fire sorc. Consider a wizard MC to get Enlarge and Spell mastery since you can get 12 starting INT for free.

  • Shadar-Kai - A fairly lousy race which is a glorified Eladrin. They are ok for Wild sorcs, and are mentioned for ONLY ONE REASON. The Reaper's Touch feat which is used for a LOT of cheese SHOULD be a racial feat. They misprinted it, so the optimizers see this as open season on the most sorcs have it. However, I expect an errata soon, and so some may be forced to go Shadar Kai. A Shadar Kai can make a cold-specialized wild-sorc by taking a racial feat to ALWAYS 'roll' Cold. Handy for Primordial Channelers.

I am sure a decent case could be made for several other races with only one useful attribute bonus. However, the above are your best choices.