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Each category of attack powers will be split into Close and Ranged/Area powers, then ordered alphabetically by rating -- Utility powers will just be alpha by rating. Note that powers released since Joemama's last update will not be included until the entire conversion to Wiki is completed.

Level 13 Encounter Spells

Close Powers

  • Thunder Breath (PHB2) - Party-unfriendly Blast 3 vs Fort. Off to a bad start. BUT, this DAZES which is a great status effect. For Dragons it slows them too. Solid for giving your buddies CA and preventing foes from shifting. Really good for nova-setup also since you benefit from CA vs the dazed foes.

Ranged/Area Powers

  • Cyclone Pull (AP) - Makes a burst 3 at range, targets up to 3 foes, sucks them into the middle. Lousy damage and hits Fort. Great set up for a nova though and has several good strategic applications. If nothing else, it does hit (only)THREE foes within its 49 square area making it party-friendly, and it has range! This is an extremely rare combo.
  • Mind Hammer (PHB2) - For Wild ONLY, a will-targeting spell that either holds a brute down for an entire turn, OR punts them a good distance. This is a decent single target spell, especially as it targets Will. Either way, it is likely to waste their turn or penalize their AB and provide CA to the party. If you are NOT WILD, this spell is garbage. Even at level ONE you can get a burst knockdown power, instead of this 1-target one.
  • Chains of Fire (PHB2) - It looks great at first. You can hit a brute and an artillery and slide the brute behind the artillery... or the artillery up in front of the brute! Cool! However, in practice you are very unlikely(about 25% assuming a 50/50 hit rate) to actually hit BOTH of the foes (which is required for the slide effect). In that case this power becomes a modest damage-only spell.
  • Downbeat of Wings (AP) - 1-target ranged. Pushes 2 AND knockdown. Dragons get a free STR-mod shift! Really nice for Arrogance builds since you add STR twice over. But otherwise underwhelming for a 1-target power.
  • Primordial Storm (AP) - Ranged burst 1. OK damage, decent rider for Wild sorcs. Has FOUR keywords, which is ripe for abuse. A Much better power if you can do so and this is honestly the only really good thing about the power. Otherwise, it is pretty mediocre.
  • Dazzling Starlight (AP) - Single target psychic attack. So-so damage, hits will, adds a lousy status effect. Dazes for cosmic sorcs, BUT you have to be in the Star phase, which resists/pierce RADIANT (and has sucky abilities) instead of Psychic! Compared to the AoE daze power above, this is lacking.
  • Moon Cage (AP) - Single target cold attack. Restrains which is a great status effect, but 1d10 damage is awful for a 1-target power. The level 23 restrain spell hoses ALL adjacent foes automatically too. Lousy rider too, since you have to be in the Psychic-resist phase to add STR-damage to this COLD spell. 1d10 is so pathetic that even adding STR-mod just brings it up to below-average. If only this hit harder, it would be a solid 1-target power.
  • Jaws of the Earth (PHB2) - A single target immobilize does not impress me. Why would you want to hit something so close that you could walk through it? This power makes no sense.