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Each category of powers will be split into Close and Ranged/Area powers, then ordered alphabetically by rating.

Level 1 Encounter Powers

Close Powers

  • Bedeviling Burst (PHB2) - Close burst 3, but you pick the 2 targets. Only 2 targets is a limitation, but considering it hits Will, does some damage, no AoOs, and throws foes back a lot of squares, it is very solid. Party friendly is very important in heroic. A strong pick, even for STR-based sorcs.
  • Pinning Bolt (AP) - Ranged single target. Knocks prone & slows. Probably the best single target spell at this level.
  • Ray of the Moon (AP) - Single target Cold spell that effectively immobilizes a foe already in melee. The cosmic rider is gravy. Much better than frost-bind.
  • Tempest Breath (PHB2) - A close blast 3 with only a marginal boost over the at-will Burning Spray. As such, I have reevaluated this power thusly: This power works EXACTLY the same as Burning Spray. Therefore, if in the situation to use this, just use burning spray instead. Then pick a different power to provide you with more versatility. I found this power to be a waste and I was often wishing I had taken another power for situational diversity.

Ranged/Area Powers

  • Explosive Pyre (PHB2) - 1-target mediocre attack. However, it auto-damages all ENEMIES(only) adjacent to your TARGET. (I misread this initially!) This basically becomes a conditional ranged burst that will not affect your friends. A very impressive power.
  • Mists of Disarray (AP) - Ranged burst 1 with push 1. Wild flips for a DEX-square slide. Affects Will which is nice vs the brutes. A decent spell. One of only 2 ranged bursts now available at lvl 1.
  • Frostbind (PHB2) - 1 target power with decent damage. However, hits Fort with a fairly weak -2 reflex rider effect. Even cold-focused dragons will avoid this.
  • Thunder Slam - Weak single target vs Fort that pushes. Once again, anything easily hit by Fort probably doesn't need pushing.