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Sorcerer/Arcane Feats

Heroic Tier

  • Dual Implement Spellcaster (AP, 13 DEX) - When wielding two usable implements for a power, you 'add that implement's enhancement bonus' to your damage rolls. This is a fantastic feat and pretty much ALL sorcerers should consider it. As such it really hoses conventional wisdom about Dragon/Cosmic sorcs taking a 13CON,11DEX and Light Shield. Now, a 12CON/12DEX is recommended to take this feat at Paragon (when it really starts to shine and you get the free attribute bump, and can retrain your level 10 feat to this). Note that the best time to take this feat is late heroic (for Wild/Storm), and early paragon for Dragon. At level 1, this feat does nothing. At level 4, it's the same as weapon focus, except requiring a second magic implement. Only at late heroic does it start becoming strong. Note that there is some opportunity cost for this, but in general a character with a +X implement can easily afford an X-1 one, or just keep the one they upgraded from. So cost is not really a big issue.
  • Sorcererous Blade Channeling (PHB2) - Lets you use any RANGED power as a melee one. Adds versatility for dagger-users. Really good for Wild-mages that melee chaos bolt with Wild Spellfury. Also, MAYBE useful for turning your Dragonfrost/Orb of Acid into a "melee basic attack", which is usable for a few things. (This has serious rules issues, so don't proceed without asking your DM.)
  • "#800080">Arcane Implement Proficiency (AP) - In some gish builds, this feat is near mandatory for being able to pick up Heavy/Light blades (thanks to Swordmage) as an implement for your Sorcerer powers. Daggers are sufficient for most Sorcs however.
  • "#800080">Arcane Spellfury (PHB2) - +1 untyped attack bonus vs a foe that you hit with an at-will. The obvious disadvantages are that you may not want to retarget the same foe(s), and you are not always using at-wills. Hence, in general it gets a lower rating. That said, any untyped attack bonus is a winner, and this is less situational than most. This feat is especially good for melee-centric crit&hit wild sorcs, and/or a sorc whose party can provide free 'basic' attacks. Those in these categories would rate this a lot higher.
  • Focusing Spellfury (AP) - +2 damage AFTER you hit two or more foes with an at-will. Untyped damage, but it's fairly situational and applies to the NEXT attack, not the one that triggers it! Who knows if you will hit with the next one, and how many foes will get hit.
  • Improved Dragon Soul (PHB2, Dragon Soul) - Adds to your Dragon Soul resistance/pierce bonus. Solid, but it does not come into play often enough to compare to other feats. In paragon/epic this feat is a lot stronger. Furthermore, the feat is worth more if you take one of the Paragon paths to give you a new resist type.
  • Rising Spellfury (AP) - When you hit ONE foe with an at-will, get +1 AB bonus with AoEs. Not terrible, but a fairly situational bonus. Enough to be rather unremarkable.
  • Student of the Cosmos (AP, Cosmic Soul) - If the Initiative bonus wasn't a feat bonus this would be useful, as it is, however, there's nothing to make it worth picking over the other choices available.
  • Arcane Fire (AP) - The only build that will have this combination for their spells is a Wild Soul with Arcane Wellspring and the Disciplined Wild Soul feat. Way too much effort when both damage types are the most prevalent options already, and there's no need to split your focus and pray for luck on random rolls.
  • Disciplined Wild Soul (PHB2, Wild Soul) - This is not a BAD feat, just not good enough to compete with the above. You can roll twice for your resistance and pick one. While it CAN be great, it usually isn't. With 10 types to roll from, the chances of getting a particular desirable one are small. You could even roll the same number for both rolls!
  • Tempest Magic (AP, Con/Dex 13, Storm Soul) - Adds a FEAT-BONUS to lightning/thunder powers. More if bloodied. TOTALLY worthless, as weapon-focus works for ALL powers with no prereqs. A storm sorc is rarely bloodied, so trying to get bloodied for a tiny damage bonus is foolish.