by lamillerran, Feb 16,2010

Powers: At-Will

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At Will Prayers


Invigorating Assault (PHBH1)

Gives adjacent ally temp hit points. This is more of a sure thing than Recovery Strike since there someone has to hit the same enemy. But you will be giving out more real hitpoints with that one, potentially a lot more since it has the healing keyword. Some clerics might want to start out with this and retrain out later when you get better at healing and human battle clerics might want this as a third at will, if they do not branch out with sacred flame.

Priest's Shield (PHB)

More AC is always nice, but your ally needs to be adjacent for them to benefit.

Recovery Strike (DP)

Healing without surges. Encourages you to invest in Charisma and the ally needs to hit. Can potentially heal a lot.

Righteous Brand (PHB)

So good it needs errata. Gives an ally in burst 5 a melee boost against your enemy equal to your strength modifier, so this just gets better as you get stronger. Thou shalt take this if you are a balanced or battle cleric.


Astral Seal (DP) "#FF0000">+ +2 to hit on top of wisdom bonus and a nice debuff. And healing without spending a surge. It does no damage which is a big + for some healics, but a big minus for everyone else.

Gaze of Defiance (PHBH)

Only at will that targets will and is about equal to lance of faith (don't take both), but the bonus to hit also does not scale. Divine Oracles will want this and it works with psychic lock, but there is no domain support if you care about that and clerics do not have many psychic powers.

Lance of Faith (PHB)

Targets reflex and bonus works with any sort of attack instead of just melee like righteous brand, but is always just +2. Does radiant

Sacred Flame (PHB)

Gives an ally temp hitpoints, which is nice. But extra saving throws get really valuable latter on. No domain support, but good enough without it and that just means pick another power that does get support if you really want it. Does radiant damage

At Will Buffs from Domains

Your domain feats can buff 1 at will power turning even things like priest's shield into a pretty effective power and gives you a skill boost as well. Here are the at will powers and the relevant domains (I am not sure about the creation domain since dragon/compendium/DP are not in synch). The rankings are for at will buffs, not for domain channel divinity powers. Most of them are pretty useful, but there are a couple that can make your at wills worse for most builds since they change damage type from radiant to some other type that you get a lot less use out of like necrotic or cold.
Astral Seal (DP): "#0000FF">Fate, Knowledge, "#0000FF">Life, Torment, "#0000FF">Tyranny, Vengeance
Lance of Faith (PHB): "#800080">Arcana, Luck, "#000000">Strife, Sun, "#FF0000">Undeath, Winter
Priest's Shield (PHB): "#0000FF">Civilization, Darkness, "#0000FF">Protection, Strength, War
Sacred Flame (PHB): Creation? (dragon 374 says it is sacred flame, DP says righteous brand)
Righteous Brand (PHB): "#0000FF">Creation?, Death, "#000000">Destruction, Freedom, "#000000">Hope, Justice, "#0000FF">Madness, Moon, "#800080">Poison, Skill, Storm
Recovery Strike (DP): "#0000FF">Change, Earth, "#000000">Love, Sea, "#0000FF">Trickery, Wilderness
List copied from despo1na Sorry Sacred Flame, Invigorating Assault and Gaze of Defiance.