by taanyth, Sep 24,2009
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When Violence Is Not the Answer: Skills

Class Skills


Odds are pretty good you're going to be the party face, especially if you're a Chaladin.


Resist diseases and generally survive in a lot of adverse conditions. Yes, you want this.


Useful for treating diseases. First Aid, while potentially a lifesaver should be a last resort, though, as it takes a standard action. If the task of rituals or alchemy should fall to you, this one becomes even more vital.


Don't know much about it. Unless you need it trained as a prerequisite for something, leave this knowledge skill to those who aren't so slow in the head.


Counters Bluff, which can prevent an ambush in some cases.


Its combat application is arguably broken. Even that aside, it's useful in many skill challenges.


You're trained in it automatically, so it doesn't matter what I think of it. Because academics in general probably aren't your thing, you're not gonna make great use of this skill. But at least you have easy access to Ritual Casting or Alchemist in the unfortunate case such tasks should fall to you. It also counts as a knowledge skill, in case that matters.

Other Skills of Interest


Straladins will make great use of this one. Escape grabs, jump, climb, swim, it's all there.


Chaladins could make good use of this one. Vital for Changelings. A multiclass feat for Bard will do nicely here.


Lots of sneaky enemies out there. Acting in a surprise round is a very, very, very good thing. Certain multiclass feats for Avenger, Barbarian, Bard and Ranger can get you training in this skill.


A good information-gathering skill. Chaladins will excel here.

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