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Ideal Faithful Soldier Material: Races

Changeling/Doppelganger (EPG): You can win friends easily, so the path of the Chaladin is your calling. You can choose to be smart or quick; go with quick for the extra initiative unless you plan on multiclassing with Artificer (the only INT-based class worth doing that with). The Fickle Servant feat lets you choose feats from any domain, not just the ones that belong to your deity. An interesting, and potentially effective, choice.
Deva (PHB2): Smart and wise. Only one of those is useful, and while Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes is an excellent racial power, it's still only once per encounter. Not enough to make up for a lack of Strength or Charisma bonus.
Dragonborn (PHB): You're hands-down the best Baladin race, being strong and charismatic in equal measure. And you're almost as grand a Charisma/Constitution Paladin. In any case, you'll definitely want to take advantage of (a) your Constitution modifier's bonus to your healing surge value, and (b) your nasty breath. You're also more dangerous when bloodied. And to top it off, you get great feat support, including Draconic Challenge early on, which slaps Divine Sanction on every enemy caught in your breath.
Drow (FRPG): Personality and quickness. A solid Chaladin, especially if devoting yourself to Corellon. Darkvision and Trance are excellent adventuring benefits. Lolthtouched powers are also pretty nice.
Dwarf (PHB): You may not be as strong or charismatic as your counterparts, but you do a whole lot to make up for this. Being both wise and hardy is a great start. Being able to catch a second wind as a minor action is even better, as are limiting forced movement and prone effects. You also get excellent racial feats.
Eladrin (PHB): Well, someone had to be full of unmitigated suck at this Paladin thing. You get a bonus to two dump stats. Yay. And you get almost no feat support for taking up the crusade. You might want to educate yourself in Perception. You're gonna need it to, uh, not die.
Elf (PHB): Quick and wise. Elven Accuracy is an excellent racial power, but alas, it's not enough compensation for lack of muscle or image.
Genasi (FRPG): Brains and brawn. The brawn is good. As are the racial powers, manifestations and feat support. Solid choice for a Straladin. The brains are there if you want to have an easy time multiclassing Artificer.
Gnome (PHB2): Not bad, actually. You're charismatic, so you'll do okay as a Chaladin. Fade Away is a solid racial power, and you do get some pretty good feat support throughout your career. Unfortunately, small size limits your weapon choices.
Goliath (PHB2): Strong and sturdy. And even sturdier still thanks to things like Stone's Endurance. You also get very nice feat support for the defender role. A top-tier Straladin race.
Half-Elf (PHB): Arguably the best Chaladin race. You've got the Charisma and the Constitution, and you can take Human and Elf feats. But the best part of all is Dilletante, which lets you swipe an at-will power from another class. In Paragon Tier, that power can become a true at-will with the Versatile Master feat (PHB2). By virtue of that one, you're not a half-bad Straladin, either, despite not being particularly strong. NOTE: If you're taking an implement power, you still need to be able to use that class's implement with that class's powers, so you'll have to take the multiclass feat for the class you stole from if you want to use the power to its fullest. Note that this applies even to Cleric and Avenger powers; you still have to multiclass there for your holy symbol to confer its benefits for those. There are ways to circumvent the implement/class roadblock to some extent, such as the Star of Corellon (AV), which you can use for any arcane power.
[[sblock=Recommended|Dilletante powers]]Dragonfrost (Sorcerer) (PHB2): If you're looking for a ranged basic attack, this is the way to go. 10-square range, decent damage, and it can push the enemy a square if it hits.
Eldritch Strike (Warlock) (PHBH): Weapon-based, and it counts as a CHA-based melee basic attack. It also slides the enemy a square if it hits. It serves as a fine alternative to Virtuous Strike if you'd rather select two other Paladin at-wills. Or, if you do plan on multiclassing with an arcane class, you want to outfit a melee basic attack with fun stuff like the White Lotus feat line (D 374), Quickened Spellcasting (AP), Arcane Admixture (AP) and all the goods that feat opens up, etc. Take the Melee Training feat to tide you over in Heroic Tier, then retrain that feat for Versatile Master when you hit Lv. 11.
Eyebite (Warlock) (PHB): A popular pick, but not optimal in most cases. If you already provide plenty of disincentive for an enemy to attack an ally (e.g. Hospitaler paragon path), then this one's value increases a ton. But other than that, you're better off with Vicious Mockery.
Furious Smash (Warlord) (PHB): A Chaladin who multiclasses Bard and takes Combat Virtuoso to use CHA for the attack with this power can use this one to devastating effect. Straladins should take Righteous Brand, instead.
Guiding Strike (Bard) (PHB2): Weapon-based at-will debuff to a defense of your choice. Awesome.
Jinx Shot (Bard) (AP): A CHA-based ranged weapon at-will. Perfect pick if you want a ranged attack but don't want to worship Corellon or otherwise fiddle with multiclassing for implement usage. The effect that can send an enemy to the floor is great, too.
Righteous Brand (Cleric) (PHB): For Half-Elf Straladins who want to add some extra Leader to their arsenal and hand out enormous attack roll bonuses to melee allies like candy.
Sacred Flame (Cleric) (PHB): Ranged radiant attack against Reflex that can give an ally a solid amount of temp HPs or allow a save. Good choice for a CHA/WIS Paladin/Cleric.
Twin Strike (Ranger) (PHB): This is the most damaging at-will power in the game, as Rangers themselves know and boast. Half-Elf Chaladins who want to dual-wield multiclass Bard and take Combat Virtuoso to use CHA for the attack, which works out perfectly since this power doesn't add ability modifiers to the damage, anyway. Of course, this is also the key power for the rare dual-wielding Half-Elf Straladin.
Vicious Mockery (Bard) (PHB2): Like the Chaladin's own Enfeebling Strike, but with a 10-square range! Implement-based attack vs. Will that slaps a -2 attack roll debuff on the enemy if it hits. Use this against a marked enemy to make it hell for the knave to hit your allies (cumulative -4), which is your job, after all. For that matter they're not gonna have an easy time hitting you, either. It's a Psychic attack, too, which means it can be enhanced by feats like Psychic Lock. Beautiful.
War Song Strike (Bard) (PHB2): And another Bard power. Noticing a trend, here? This one's weapon-based, and if you went with CON as your secondary stat, this one hands out a lot of temp HPs to allies.[[/sblock]]
Halfling (PHB): Personable and agile. You'll make a decent Chaladin. Your racial power can make an enemy miss when he thinks he got you. Unfortunately, small size limits your choice of weapons.
Half-Orc (PHB2): Strong and quick, fast on a charge and hard-hitting. You'll make a solid Straladin. With your quickness you're perhaps the only Straladin that has a realistic shot at mastering a heavy blade.
Human (PHB): You can train in any one attribute, and it'd better be either Strength or Charisma. Bonus feat and skill are great, and the bonus at-will power is now a very, very nice boon for both Straladins and Chaladins. The +1 racial bonus to all NADs is huge, too. You also get great feat support.
Kalashtar (EPG): Charismatic and wise, you're in on the argument of best Chaladin race (along with Half-Elf and Human). You're easily the best at multiclassing with a WIS-based class. Telepathy has a lot of useful adventuring applications, Bastion of Mental Clarity is a solid racial power, and being able to make saves against daze and dominate at the start of your turn is very nice.
Shifter, Longtooth (PHB2): Strong and wise, which makes you prime Straladin material. Arguably the best. Longtooth Shifting is an excellent racial power, too, making you more dangerous and tougher to bring down when the fight heats up.
Shifter, Razorclaw (PHB2): Your Longtooth counterpart is simply better.
Tiefling (PHB): A fine Chaladin, with the personality to suit it. Unless you're trying to multiclass with Artificer, the smarts are wasted. But you've still got a lot going for you. Bloodhunt lets you finish bloodied foes that much faster, you make great use of Infernal Wrath, and Hellfire Blood is an excellent feat. Take advantage of that one in various ways, such as a Flaming weapon or the Arcana domain.
Warforged (EPG): Strong and sturdy, just like the Goliath, which means you'll be a great Straladin. Living Construct is a host of adventuring benefits, Unsleeping Watcher is basically Trance, and Warforged Resilience means you're just not going to die very often. Warforged Resolve is a solid racial power, too. And on top of all this, you get some nice feat support.[[/sblock]]
[[sblock=Races|from Dragon]]Gnoll (D 367):
Minotaur (D 369):
Shadar-Kai (D 372):
[[sblock=Other|Races]]Bladeling (MOTP):
Bugbear (MM):
Bullywug (MM2):
Duergar (MM2): The bonuses to two secondary stats are good for you. The racial power isn't, and unfortunately that's all you get in comparison to your morally superior kin.
Githyanki (MM):
Githzerai (MM):
Goblin (MM):
Hobgoblin (MM):
Kenku (MM2):
Kobold (MM):
Orc (MM):

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