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by Kees, Feb 19,2013

-Hallowed be thy Name!-

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- One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying. - Joan of Arc
Hello there, brothers of faith, this is an Avenger guidebook. In this guidebook I would like to discuss the best options for an Avenger in my honest opinion. Ofcourse, you might not always agree with me, but that is a normal proces, so speak your mind and comment. I'm not the best "optimizer", but at least I could shed some divine light on the matter.
I was shocked to see a lot of (mostly not wizards-forum) discussions about how "sucky" the Avenger is. I will try, with this guidebook, to relief the Avenger of this burden and show to you all that an Avenger can be very good. (If you did not already believe that ofcourse) First of, this; I was commenting this on the a Thread about the horrible damage of the Avenger and his mechanics.
I’m pretty sure, if you do the math properly, the avenger is not behind in average DPS than say a warlock or a barbarian (miss-fest barbarian). It comes down to playstyle. If you want players to say, wow you just did 1337 damage with you barbarian. But the big spikes are as often misted as they hit. Oath of Emnity is just not only good for you, but also for you party. Leaders will love you, because they can give a good attack bonus power to another party member, because you hit anyway. This makes you team hit harder, so boosts the dps, because of you being an avenger. Btw try a Razerclaw Shifter, heavy flail, Moonstalker PP (maybe with painful oath if DM allows). At will proning and the lvl 16 of moonstalker is just insane. So Avenger is also about, self-sustain. Giving all the players in your party freedom of whatever they want to do. They don’t need to focus on you as much as with a miss-fest Barbarian or a very low ac/hp melee twin strike Ranger. You have HP/AC good defenses and good hit and some nice healing if you want for yourself. I know, people tend to be like: “I’m the Striker, so the whole team revolves around me”. If the Leader get insta-gibed, you are happy that you are an Avenger. If you like that all you dailies hit, you are happy that you are an Avenger. If you controller asks help for his powerfull vs Fortitude power against a brute and the leader can actually use a +3 attack bonus power on your wizard because you will hit anyway, you are happy that you are an Avenger. List goes on…
TL;DR version; Why do you want to play an Avenger: - If you don't want to miss often (almost never). - If you want to be self-sustaining and give you party more option than just helping out the striker. This gives your team more support from say; a leader. Boosting the general DPS of a party. - If you want to be a tough-guy, with lots of HP/Defenses. - If you want to be extremely flavourful in- and out of combat.
So, you are striker, a very special one. You trade damage for accuracy this will result in;
Ability to target: Altough Avengers have a lot of mobility powers and "isolating" powers they have some kind of weakness in the target-ability section. To be "Mister Ongoing-damage" you need you Oath, which can only use on one enemy. So if you go for an enemy, don't leave until it is dead!
Debiliating Effects: You have some nice move-them-around powers and even abduction-powers (teleport you and enemy). It is mostly not hard control but you can do a fair amount of controlling.
DPR: Avengers get this, because they almost never miss. The Oath of Enmity feature is hands-down the best striker feature in the game. Your team will call you "Mister Ongoing-damage" within two sessions. If you dare to tap into the Half-Elf Twin-Strike Avenger this can become a master of "insta-gibbing" I will discuss this later on.
Spike Damage: The real weakness of Avengers is the lack of nova powers. You have solid daillies and encounters, but they lack in raw damage. The fact that you will hit with the attacks makes up for it. Survivability: This is an absolute forte of the Avenger. Most Avengers have the same stats as a defender and don't need the valuable Leader heals as much as most soft-target strikers. Some Avengers are in fact very good defenders!
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