by gelariss, Sep 22,2009


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+2 Strength is solid win. +2 Charisma is not spectacular, but that and the racial bonus to Intimidate checks can help you rack up a decent modifier. However, what really sells this race, and sells it well, is the Dragon Breath. That AoE marking is just beautiful. Add in an attack bonus while bloodied and better healing surges, and you have a mighty Fighter candidate.


Though it lacks a Strength bonus, it does absolutely everything else right. Less forced movement, bonuses to useful secondary stats in Constitution and Wisdom, SECOND WIND AS A MINOR ACTION (I cannot overstate how much win this is made out of), and an incentive to wear heavy armor? Sign me up.


+2 Int is an uber-waste, but the +1 class skills and teleport are nifty. Makes a cool heavy blade/spear Fighter. Though Elf has better stat placements, the Teleport is very, very powerful to a strategically inclined Fighter.


Though their stat bonuses are marginally less useful than a Dwarf's (namely the Dex vs. the Con), the reroll ability and the high speed of the Elves makes up for it somewhat. Makes an interesting, slippery sort of character.


The +2 to Con is greatly appreciated, but +2 to Cha has little use. Dilettante is quite interesting, as it can help you pick up a Str-based power from a bevy of other classes (Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Warlord). Also has access to Human feats. Good overall, but better suited for Warlock or Warlord.


Very slippery fellers, they find it pretty easy to gain situational boosts to AC, almost to the point of making them unhittable. They pay for it in limited weapon options and a pretty useless +2 to Cha, though.


A very nice choice. +1 to all defenses is made of win, a bonus feat and skill helps, and the racial feats kick all kinds of hiney. The bonus at-will is actually useful for some builds now, and it also makes Paragon MC look pretty attractive. All in all, solid, and maybe Sky Blue.


IMHO not bad, IF AND ONLY IF YOU PICK UP A FLAMING WEAPON AND THE HELLFIRE BLOOD FEAT. Otherwise, it's pretty bad. Int and Cha are worthless to Fighters, and skill bonuses to (the fairly useless) Bluff and Stealth kick the poor Tiefling while he's down. The attack bonus vs. Bloodied opponents is pretty nice, though, and Infernal Wrath is OK, but not enough to justify this choice without Hellfire Blood and a Flaming weapon. Now, the Lingering Wrath feat and other racial support has actually made them contenders as Fighters.



Meh. +2 Int is useless, +2 Wis is nice to have, and the encounter power is nice, but it's just not selling me.


Move along, nothing to see here.


The stat bonuses are in the right place, as are the racial abilities. A great Fighter candidate.


+2 Str and +2 Dex make you a strong Flail, Heavy Blade, or Spear Fighter, and more damage is never a bad thing, especially on powers that only deal an ability modifier in damage.

Shifter, Longtooth

+2 Strength and +2 Wisdom is useful, regardless of the Fighter build you're making. Regen and damage bonus while bloodied is icing on the cake. A great choice, and the dominant one for Tempest Technique.

Shifter, Razorclaw

+2 Dexterity instead of Strength and a weaker shifting ability is not so good for you. A bit weaker than Elf, but not terrible.


Bladeling (MOTP)

Though you don't get a Strength bonus, you get two secondary stats in Dexterity and Wisdom, and a pretty strong racial power in Razor Storm, which you can improve. All in all, a pretty strong Fighter race.

Drow (FRPG)

+2 Dex and granting CA is very nice, but +2 Cha is wasted...

Genasi (FRPG)

+2 Str is great, +2 Int... not so much. The manifestations are OK. Earthsoul, Firesoul, and Stormsoul in particular are good for you.

Gnoll (D 367)

Dexterity and Constitution are good bonuses to have, and that high speed and charging bonuses make you a "shoot first, ask questions later" kind of Fighter. Overall, very solid, especially after the Dragon article, which actually makes charging a good idea.

Minotaur (D 369)

He has descended from the heavens to do battle as a Fighter. +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, an AC buff against OA's while charging, and a nice Defender-y racial power, which means they're very good at this Fighter business.

Shadar-Kai (D 372)

Weaker than Eladrin, because of the lack of synergy, but the insubstantial teleportation is marginally more useful to you.

Warforged (EPG)

After the Dragon article, these guys rival Dwarves as the toughest guys around, AND they have the +2 to Strength. *drool*

Monster Manual


+2 Strength, oversized, and "sneak attack" make a fantastic case, and +2 Dexterity only sweetens the deal. A fantastic choice.


All of the negative aspects of the Tiefling... none of the positive ones. Avoid.


Meh. +2 Con is good, +2 Int is a waste, +2 initiative is nice, but I'm just not sold.


Almost Blue, but not quite there. Very similar to Elves.


Slightly weaker than the Halfling, it has the same racial stat allotments, which are not spectacular for Fighters.


These guys are about the same as Half-Elves, sans the beauty that is Dilettante.


Small Gnolls. Small is not the greatest thing to be as a Fighter, especially without all those situational AC buffs the Halfling enjoys.


Another fantastic candidate, he has the same stat allotment as the Minotaur, and has a self-healing ability. Nice.

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