by gelariss, Sep 22,2009

Powers - Paragon Tier

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Level 13, Encounter

Anvil of Doom (PHB)

Overall, it's solid. With a Hammer, this stuns. I repeat: THIS STUNS. O.O...

Appalling Crunch (MP)

Solid, but nothing to write home about here. Axe wielders looking for single-target damage can consider it.

Assured Strike (MP)

A very solid, if conditional, attack. A saving grace for Halfling Fighters.

Blades from All Angles (D 366) - Some decent damage, and knocks prone. Sticky Heavy Blade Fighters like this.

Brutal Rebuke (MP)

Buffs your OA real good if you use a pick or a mace, but picks and maces are woefully undersupported... *sigh* Maybe it'll be better when these weapons become more than a footnote.

Chains of Sorrow (PHB)

Good damage, and imposes a hefty penalty to all defenses with a Flail.

Crumpling Slam (MP)

Solid single-target damage, Invigorating, push, and prone? Can I get some fries with that, too?

Dance of Blades (MP)

Silverstep is simply better.

Giant's Wake (PHB)

It's a meh close burst attack. The Axe extra damage boosts it up to Black.

Scattering Swing (MP)

Comparable to the higher-level Vorpal Tornado, with more damage and a miss effect. Nice.

Silverstep (PHB)

Nice push, and good damage. And good mobility to boot.

Storm of Blows (PHB)

Marking madness!

Talon of the Roc (PHB)

A bigger version of Steel Serpent Strike. Meh.

Level 15, Daily

Boulder Charge (MP)

This power's mental image is made of win, and the power itself is not too shabby. Something to consider.

Carve Initials (MP)

Perma-mark, round 2! It requires a light blade, and it only got +1 over the earlier version, so it's kind of sub-optimal. Black for Light Bladers, though.

Defender's Gambit (MP)

I don't like this power, because if your opponent doesn't react, you lost a Daily power, and that kinda sucks...

Dragon's Fangs (PHB)

This brings the proverbial can of whup-a$$. The fact that this is about a 3rd or 4th-string choice speaks volumes of the strength of a Fighter's Dailies here.

Gale of Steel (MP)

If you could double up, this would be about as good as Dragon's Fangs. You can't, so it's not that great.

Quicksilver Stance (MP)

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! The stance of choice for Str/Wis Fighters, especially Two-Handed Weapon wielders, because their Melee Basic is bigger.

Serpent Dance Strike (PHB)

Whoa. 4 attacks, that knock prone, and let you shift away? Woot!

Slayer's Lunge (MP)

Any attack outside your turn with a trigger that is so easy to pull off is at least worth a look.

Unerring Blow (D 366)

You hit. The end.

Unyielding Avalanche (PHB)

Oh yeah! Regen, AC buff, save buff, and automatic damage??? Where do I sign up for this? Con Fighters, take this power as thy wife.

Level 16, Utility

Bolstering Stride (MP)

A solid movement and THP power, but the conditional movement gimps it a bit.

Giant's Stride (MP)

This is not strong enough to merit being a Daily, though it is a touch too good to be an Encounter power for a Fighter...

Immovable Mountain (MP)

A dwarf should consider this to be Blue, as it makes you almost impossible to move, preventing 6 (!) squares of forced movement (probably more than anyone will ever try to move you). For anyone else, 2 squares less is kinda weak, especially because it takes up your precious stance slot.

Interposing Shield (PHB)

It's a crappy version of the Wizard power, but at least it works on other people...

Iron Warrior (PHB)

Holy healing surges Batman, that's a lot of HP! This is a solid choice for all Fighters, but the Str/Con guys get the most 'oomph' out of it.

Marking Stance (MP)

Excellent for keeping people on you without having to spam Close Burst attacks.

Regnant Shout (MP)

This is a save-ends mark, but the +1 to attacks attached along to it makes it just as good as Marking Stance.

Surprise Step (PHB)

Stickiness, and CA. Could probably see more use for folks from other classes (like Strikers), though.

Level 17, Encounter

Boggling Smash (MP)

Made of win for Hammer wielders. Everyone else can probably skip.

Buffeting Torque (MP)

Meh effect, but at least the damage isn't as bad as Vorpal Tornado's...

Driving Flurry (MP)

It's weaker than Mountain Breaking Blow, and it grants +Con temporary HP to a non-Con based build (Heavy Bladers). *sigh*

Exacting Strike (PHB)

A giant step forward for the Sure Strike family, the phenomenal accuracy bonus (coupled with some actual, you know, damage on a hit) is what makes this an actual contender.

Exorcism of Steel (PHB)

...What? This is pretty bad.

Harrying Assault (PHB)

A very versatile power that can be used to double up on a single opponent, or spread the marking love around if you take the first guy out and your Dexterity is decent. All Fighters should take a look at this, since multiattacking does wonders for your damage potential.

Mountain Breaking Blow (PHB)

Good damage, good push, and keeps you in front of them, which means they can't move back in.

Skirmisher Pounce (MP)

This is weaker than Harrying Assault, but it can be used on a charge. Still not worth it IMHO.

Tap and Counterstrike (MP)

A major disincentive to attack for the enemy. Not Sky Blue because your opponent could simply attack you and not suffer the massive counterstrike waiting for him.

Vorpal Tornado (PHB)

Nowhere near as good as it used to be thanks to significantly stiffer competition. The 1 damage makes it a tad, well, weak.

Warrior's Challenge (PHB)

Not quite Come and Get It part 2, but solid enough.

Wild Strike (MP)

Heavy damage, and can be used on a charge. Not bad.

Level 19, Daily

Controlling Thrust (MP)

Behold, your Wizard impersonation. Offers some heavy control, with some decent damage.

Devastation's Wake (PHB)

Hooray for damage! Also has a close burst aftereffect for more damage. Not overly flashy, but efficient.

Protective Sweep (MP)

A defensive version of Devastation's Wake, it's not as good, since it doesn't buff NAD's.

Reaving Strike (PHB)

Brute Strike on 'roids. Feels a bit plain compared to the other options available.

Relentless Assailant (MP)

Apart from carrying a load of keywords, this packs respectable damage, healing, and THP on a Reliable power. Not bad.

Smash and Grab (MP)

As it requires a free hand, this is not as useful as it seems on first glance, which is a shame; it seemed to have some potential...

Strike of the Watchful Guard (PHB)

This power basically gives you a double Combat Challenge for the rest of the encounter. Nice for you. However, this power is pure glory to anyone who plans to multiclass Fighter for the Defender capabilities.

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