by gelariss, Sep 22,2009

Powers: At-Will

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At Will Powers

Brash Strike (MP)

An attack with a +2 bonus to hit that doesn't suck! Packs Con to damage if you use some weapon types, too. Who cares if you grant CA? Definitely the at-will of choice for any Str/Con build, except Mega-Tanks.

Cleave (PHB)

Lo, how the mighty have fallen. This at-will, once an auto-include in every Fighter build, now sees use in niche builds, as most Fighters just don't have room for it anymore...

Crushing Surge (MP)

This is good for Tank Sword-and-Shield builds that look for anything than involves staying alive longer. Not many others want this power, though.

Dual Strike (MP)

Sooo... Fighters got Twin Strike. Multiattack

lots o' damage, so anyone dual-wielding should pick this up. Update/Edit: The July errata has changed Dual Strike from two attacks against the same target to two attacks against two different targets. While this does reduce the at-will single target damage potential of a dual-wielding fighter, it does allow such a fighter to mark two targets a round with an at-will. Dual Strike remains Sky Blue.

Footwork Lure (MP)

Tide of Iron in reverse, and still allows you to keep people off your squishies. To boot, it even gets your buddies out of grapples.

Reaping Strike (PHB)

If you fight two-handed, this is probably your first or second-at will. Not quite worth it for a one-handed Fighter.

Sure Strike (PHB)

Absolute and utter garbage. You could add the ability modifier to the damage and I'd still think about taking it. Once Martial Power came out, the fringe cases of Fighters picking this power (aka Human two-handed weapon wielders, because they literally couldn't use Tide of Iron) just up and disappeared.

Tide of Iron (PHB)

Your main at-will as a shield fighter. Pushing is prime in maintaining a positioning advantage, as well as advancing the frontline (which is defined by you, after all). As a bonus, this is great for getting grapplers off your buddies. Unusable by two-handers and dual-wielders, though.