by gelariss, Sep 22,2009

Fighter Overvierw

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Class Feature: Fighter Style

This is one of the toughest choices in a Fighter's career: the choice of style is irrevocable and influences many things about your character. Evaluate, and choose wisely.

Battlerager Vigor (MP)

The Battleragers are real tough and durable guys, especially in Melee, thanks to a steady stream of temporary HP from getting hit, which functions as a rather bizarre form of damage reduction. To boot, you get a little more damage from having the temporary HP if you're willing to let your AC drop a bit. The problem with this approach is that if you don't go for the damage and suit up in scale or plate, you will present a less tempting target, since you're less accurate and damaging than a standard Fighter. Update/Edit: The July errata has changed Battlerager so that "Whenever you hit an enemy with a melee or a close attack, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Con modifier, plus any temporary hit points normally granted by the power" instead of giving temporary HP when hit by an enemy. Invigorating power temporary HP no longer stack, but instead will still give temporary HP on a miss.

Battlerager Vigor

You blatantly refuse to die in Melee. Enough said.
  • Pros: Potentially heavier damage, increased Melee durability
  • Cons: Weaker attack bonus, restricted weapon choices, less stickiness/weaker armor choices

Tempest Technique (MP)

The Tempest Technique hands you quite a few bonuses for going with off-hand weapon, making you one of the most damaging Fighter builds out there, about on par with Strikers if you trick yourself out right. Just don't expect to hold the line for too long if you do, though; you will invariably have to sacrifice some durability, which means you're a blur between Defender and Striker.

Tempest Technique

Though it restricts all the bonuses to off-hand weapons while you're in Chain or lighter, they're solid enough.
  • Pros: Striker-level damage
  • Cons: Low HP, mediocre armor selection, restriction to off-hand weapons

Weapon Talent (PHB)

The Weapon Talent is pretty versatile, with the ability to go sword-and-shield, two-handed, or two-weapon fighting, especially if you multiclass. You also have the best potential: the most damaging and defensive builds have been found to be Weapon Talent Fighters. Your power may seem to be underwhelming, and you would probably like to have some of the fancier special abilities, but that's the price to pay for a strong class feature with almost universal applicability.

Weapon Talent

Though rather plain on its own, this can contribute greatly to a Fighter's damage output.
  • Pros: Higher attack bonus, versatile
  • Cons: Lack of special abilities

HP, Surges, and Proficiencies

Hit Points

15 + Con score at 1st level; 6 at each level thereafter. You get a large amount of HP overall, especially since some of you are Con-based, and you get to show off how tough you are compared to the Strikers. :D

Healing Surges

9 + Con modifier. Only the Paladin gets more, and most of them are not Con-based, so you might be able to overtake him.


You start out with great melee and ranged weapon proficiencies, and you have access to most heavy armor as the cherry on top. This makes you the undisputed master of weapons and armor in this game.


Combat Challenge

A nice marking ability, its only flaw is that it requires constant focus on an enemy (aka attacking it every turn) to keep it going.

Combat Superiority

The reason behind the Fighter's status as king of stickiness, it can stop enemies dead in their tracks.

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