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Paragon Tier Feats

Class Feats

Agile Tempest (MP)

Free damage! Get your free damage!

Chainmail Agility (MP)

No speed penalty for Chain you say? This is good for Tempests, since they're kind of stuck with it...

Daunting Challenge (MP)

Power up that mark for a -3 penalty!

Grit (MP)

+Con in THP for every surge is made of win.

Marked Scourge (MP)

Even if you're not Wis-based, this is strong enough for you to want it. If you are Wis-based, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't get this.

Mighty Battlerage (MP)

Extra damage you say? I'll take it.

Reckless Attacker (MP)

A slightly weaker version of the Barbarian's Rampage, on a class that can get more attack rolls (if you dual-wield). I'd take it in a heartbeat, even if I'm a tank.

General Feats

Agile Opportunist (PHB 2)

A nice feat to work with your Leader.

Armor Specialization (PHB)

Scale Armor Spec. is spectacular, but Hide and Plate Armor Spec. is just OK. Does not stack with Shield Specialization.

Deadly Axe (PHB)

Gods, this is a beautiful feat. Makes axes King of Crits.

Great Fortitude/Iron Will/Lightning Reflexes (PHB)

Boosts your non-AC defenses, which will likely need boosting (except maybe Fortitude).

Hammer Rhythm (PHB)

Rewards you for a big Con. Woo-hoo!

Heavy Blade Opportunity (PHB)

It helps you do your job better, especially if you're using Tide of Iron for it.

Lasting Frost (PHB)

Infinite CA with Wintertouched and a Frost weapon; beware the cold resistance, you have no answer for it.

Light Blade Precision (PHB)

If you were forced into picking up a Light Blade, you should pick this up.

Paragon Defenses (PHB 2)

For when you just don't have the 3 feats to burn.

Polearm Gamble (PHB)

Though your purpose as a Fighter is to get things close to you, this allows you to punish enemy tactics and clean out minions quickly and efficiently.

Reserve Maneuver (PHB 2)

Versatility notwithstanding, this feat also allows you to swap out a lackluster Paragon Path power for something a touch more... palatable.

Scimitar Dance (PHB)

Great for a Str/Dex Heavy Blade fighter that is willing to be a slave to his Dex, but not many are willing to be.

Shield Specialization (PHB)

Meh. Since it's a feat bonus, it doesn't stack with Armor Spec. or Lightning Reflexes. I'd rather have the higher defenses, especially if I'm Con-based.

Spear Push (PHB)

More control for your push powers. Fairly good.

Two-Weapon Ambush (D 368)

A rather marginal benefit IMHO, but it can see use.

Two-Weapon Opening (PHB 2)

A major factor in why Two-Weapon Fighting is even worth mentioning. Free hits on a crit? Yes, please.

Uncanny Dodge (PHB)

OK, but it's better if you get Polearm Gamble or if you enjoy using Brash Strike.

Racial Feats


Admixture Breath (D 365)

Your breath weapon is genuinely hard to resist.

Draconic Arrogance (MP)

You get the Iron Vanguard's Trample the Fallen ability... but based on Strength. Gets funny if you actually are an Iron Vanguard.

Dragonbreath Warrior (MP)

A +1 boost for using a minor action attack is solid.

Empowered Dragon Breath (PHB)

Though it doesn't help your Dragon Breath blast minions into piles of slag (since they only have 1 HP), it DOES make it useful against other kinds of enemies.


Dwarven Durability (PHB)

Every Dwarf should take this feat, regardless of class.

Enduring Wallop (MP)

Hands out your Con in ongoing damage as an additional effect of your Dailies. Good stuff.

Stonefoot Reprisal (MP)

Makes you darn near immovable.


Fey Charge (MP)

Massively upgrades your charge mobility.


Shocking Flame (FRPG)

Even more damage, and this one scales!


Fierce Charge (D 367)

A solid feat to buff your racial Encounter power.

Swift Bite (D 367)

Some goodness for bloodying an enemy. Solid enough.


Unyielding Stone (PHB 2)

A nice jump in THP when you use your racial power. Can make you hilariously hard to bring down.


Versatile Master (PHB 2)

eek! Whoa. Half-Elves just got a MAJOR boost.


Strength from Pain (PHB 2)

Big damage for a turn when you're bloodied. Nice.

Unrelenting Assault (PHB 2)

Damage on a miss is nothing to sneeze at.


Underfoot (PHB)

Not as useful for you as for a Striker, but still useful.


Action Recovery (PHB)

Could prove useful.


Beast Within (D 369)

+1 to hit AND damage while bloodied is sweet.


Beasthide Shifting (PHB 2)

A little damage resist while shifting. Solid.

Cliffwalk Shifting (PHB 2)

Increases your movement options. Nice.


Fiery Rebuke (PHB)

Adds some 'oomph' into your Infernal Wrath.

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