by kilpatds, Aug 31,2010


The purpose of this set of pages is to provide the standard rules which should apply to builds in the CO forums unless noted otherwise.
The obvious issue is that your game will likely not follow all of these rules. That's true. And yes, you should feel free to post questions about your game in the forum. The goal of these pages are simply to state what the general assumptions are, so you know what you need to clarify.
In general, I'll try and provide links to the more subjective issues, so you can see the debate that resulted in the concensus decision.

Character Creation

  • 22 point buy
  • Themes only in Dark Sun
  • Spellscars only in Forgotten Realms
  • Races from "Player Legal Sources", to use the LFR term (not Monster Manuals)
  • Higher level builds
    • Money derived from more organic advancement, rather than the DMG shorthand[1]

Build Analysis

  • DPR calculated against "tofu" [2]
  • Level 30 ED features usually ignored


  • Adding Radiant Damage to an attack adds the Radiant keyword [3]
  • Hitting someone with both vulnerable 5 radiant and vulnerable 5 cold with a 10 damage cold+radiant attack deals 20 damage. [4]
  • A Shadar-Kai with Reaper's Touch charging with Magic Missile while wearing a Horned Helm only adds the implement's enhancement bonuses once. [5]